Sunday 23 June 2013

June Comments Challenge - 23rd June

The Bonjour, Blogger June Comments Challenge
Sunday 23rd June - Five Cool Blog Posts

Miss Beatrix - Creative Life Series: The Creativity Date and the Creativity Box
Miss Beatrix
Anna shares some very insightful and unfortunately true thoughts about being creative as adults - and I love her creativity box idea!

Love, Tilly - Sunday Summary #1
Love, Tilly
Tilly's started a new feature, a Sunday Summary of the week - and her first week contains some colourful and brooding photos!

Miss Imogen Smith - Imogen on Scrapbooking
Miss Imogen Smith
I've always wanted to try scrapbooking but never seem to have the time. Imogen has found some lovely inspirational ideas to get started with.

Being Erica - The Weekend Edition :: Booty Fun
Being Erica
Erica was very lucky at car boot sale picking up a boxful of brooches and necklaces with some silk scarves thrown in as well!

A Million Dresses - Sunday Sweets #32  Lemon Meringue Pie
A Million Dresses
Sarah cooked a fantastic lemon meringue pie for fathers day - the meringue itself looks immense!


  1. I love this post! I see some familiar blogs, and some new ones that I'm checking out as I speak. x

    1. Ooh good - that's what it's all about, sharing the blog love :-) x

  2. Thank you for the feature! Hope you do manage to get some creativity box time around work. Love Imogen's blog too, so behind on my reading at the moment! X

    1. I only discovered Imogen's when I met her at Blognix the other week, it's fab though! x


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