Thursday 13 June 2013

June Comments Challenge - 13th June

The Bonjour, Blogger June Comments Challenge
Thursday 13th June - Five Cool Blog Posts

Victoria's Vintage - My Charity Shop Finds
Victoria's Vintage
Some gorgeous charity shop finds - and who doesn't love a 'haul' post? :-)

Tales From The Finch's Beak - Otterly Mad
Tales From The Finch's Beak
Another fan - it's good to know there are others out there just as OCD as me about meal planning!

Kat Got The Cream - Giveaway: Paper Beagle and Sarah Lovell
Kat Got The Cream
A fab giveaway from Kat featuring a lovely sunflowers print!

Where Is Harriet - Chocolate and Strawberry Sandwiches
Where Is Harriet
I know chocolate and strawberries go together but I'd never thought about making them into a sandwich - will definately have to try that out!

Tales From The Finch's Beak - Thanks to Rosalilium
Tales From The Finch's Beak
It's all about the Blognix food with some brill pictures of the cakes and picnic - plus a twist to Rosalilium's Chorizo and Potato Hash

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