Thursday 6 June 2013

Eden Sessions - Eddie Izzard

Highlight of our Cornish weekend was Monday night's Eden Session evening - watching comedy legend Eddie Izzard surrounded by the biomes of the Eden Project.

Eden Project

After seeing Tim Minchin's monsoon-like Eden gig last year (which was still spectacular, of course), it was wonderful to be at an evening event where it was actually dry! And also warm!
Eden Sessions Poster
We arrived about 7pm and made the long 1 mile trek from the car park to the Eden Project entrance where we got our wristbands and then headed on down to the main stage, biomes and food court.
Eden Project Trash Man
Eden reckoned there were 6000 people attending the gig - if there were, then the setting certainly made for an intimate atmosphere as you would have never have known there was that many people.
Eden Sessions Crowd
Before the man himself started on stage his backdrop showed tweets being sent to Eddie in real time and a camera which panned across the crowd and flashed individuals up on the screen.
My friend M and her partner both made an appearance on the big screen!
Eddie Izzard was, as always, fabulous; even handling heckles to "do the gig in Cornish" with ease and laughter.
Eddie Izzard at the Eden Project with his 'Force Majeure' Tour
Eddie Izzard at the Eden Project with his 'Force Majeure' Tour
Our half time dinner consisted of an extremely tasty Cornish beef burger and sweet potato fries with all the ingredients sourced locally and cooked on site.
Vats of pasta
Burger and sweet potato fries

Then Eddie was back on stage for the second act, equally as good as the first.
His routine about making any topic a musical song and dance is eye-wateringly funny!
Eddie Izzard at the Eden Project with his 'Force Majeure' Tour
Eddie Izzard at the Eden Project with his 'Force Majeure' Tour
All in all, a brilliant evening spent with excellent company, delicious food and a fantastic show in a magical setting!
Eden Project Eden Sessions
Eden Project at night


  1. What a lovely venue, I've never seen anything like it before. Seems like you've had a wonderful night!

    1. It was a very good night - the Eden Project is an amazing venue for concerts.

      It's definately a must-visit place in the UK - the whole place is eco-friendly and sustainable with the two biomes filled with all sorts of tropical and mediterranean plants and flowers. I think they aim to try and grow every plant from across the world! :-) x

  2. Aaah I would like to visit this place! It looks amazing and great fun! So beautiful! Is it held every year?

    1. Yes, the Eden Project holds what they call 'Eden Sessions' every year with different comedians, bands and singers. This year they've got Eddie Izzard, The Kaiser Chiefs, Sigur Ros, The XX and Jessie J!

      Each performer plays one night usually during June or July and your entry ticket gets you into the Eden Project for the whole day as well so you can look round.

      It's well worth a visit! More info at :-) x

  3. Sounds like it was awesome! Brilliant venue, and love the photographs :)


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