Saturday 1 June 2013

June Comments Challenge - 1st June

The Bonjour, Blogger June Comments Challenge
Saturday 1st June - Five Cool Blog Posts

Queenie and the Dew - Room for Improvement with Money Supermarket
Queenie and the Dew
A fab makeover for only £50 - loving the Toile duvet set and Lennie the Lighbulb! :-)

Braids and Books - One Whole Month of Blogging!
Braids and Books
The lovely Saskia over at Braids and Books featured my little blog as one of her faves!

Ella Masters - Pirate Toes
Ella Masters
Ella has the most gorgeous pirate duvet!

Rosalilium - Three Years
A lovely set of photographs and Elizabeth saw one of my favourite bands - Muse!

Being Erica - w.i.w.t :: lilac and lace
Being Erica
A beautifully co-ordinated mint green and purple outfit.



  1. Nice to discover some new blogs! Looking forward to meeting you at Blognix too! X

    1. Thank you - I know pretty much all the blogs I follow I've found through other bloggers' recommendations and links - it's a great way to share the blog love! :-)

      And I can't believe Blognix is next week already! That's come around fast! Looking forward to meeting you too, and all the other lovely blogging people :-) x


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