Sunday 28 February 2016

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 20th February

February's Photo an Hour challenge fell on the 20th - a day which didn't involve anything in particular, other than the usual jobs of changing nappies and feeding a hungry little munchkin!

9am - I could have quite easily started my photo an hour day at either 2am or 5am in the morning as those were the times Lily decided she wanted some grub. We're doing combination feeding (due to the fact she had a tongue tie for the first three weeks) but we're also feeding on demand and as luck would have it after 5am, she didn't demand any food til 9!

10am - After feeding, we did a nappy change and an outfit change, ready for the day and someone wasn't too happy about that...

11am - This is the view from my rocking chair, where I was sat feeding (again) and watching a cup of tea grow steadily cold. The plan was for Andrew to take her out for a walk every Saturday morning but that idea wasn't going too well!

12pm - The rain finally cleared off so Andrew set off with Lily for a scenic stroll up to his mum and dad's house.

1pm - I took the opportunity to catch up on some paperwork and emails.

2pm - I actually managed to drink a hot cup of tea, as Andrew and Lily were still out. I was beginning to miss them though - it was the first time she'd been away from me for any significant length!

3pm - They finally arrived back home and Lily was sporting her 'feed me now!' face.

4pm - After 45 minutes of munching, this is what her 'milk drunk' face looks like...

5pm -  And this is what happens after all the eating...

6pm - Still asleep...

7pm - And again... In the meantime, Andrew had organised dinner, done some shopping and bought me a magazine to read.

8pm - Last shot of the evening; I've been going to bed for a few hours each night while Lily has some 'dad time', then I can take over and do the overnight feeding shift.


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For next month's photo an hour, I was thinking of Easter Sunday - 27th March - perhaps it'll be a nice sunny spring day, perhaps it'll involve lots of chocolate or perhaps it'll just be a nice relaxing day spent with family. Hope you can all join in!

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Friday 26 February 2016

Finding Our (Little) Feet

So, umm, well, hello - it's been a while, two months in fact since the last blog post round these 'ere parts.

You may have already spotted it on Twitter or Instagram but this is what's been occupying mine and Andrew's life over the last month.

Lily at one day old

Our little one - Lily Cerys Langley - arrived on 26th January 2016, one week after her estimated due date...and four years and one month since we first started trying for a baby. The labour wasn't particularly straightforward but the birth was completely standard, even at one point leaving the midwives amazed (but that's a whole story for another post).

The last month has been spent knee-deep in nappies and dirty washing whilst learning all about tongue tie and combination feeding. Occasionally there's a little bit of playtime thrown in too.

Lily at one month old

Today she's one month old. On the one hand it seems hard to believe it was that long ago but on the other hand it seems to have flown by rather fast! I have a worrying feeling two, three, six, twelve and all the rest of the months will come around equally quickly.

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