Wednesday 27 March 2013

Why duck? Why a dress?

So what's in a name? Why duck in a dress?
Well, I have a penchant for all things feathered and flippered and I've been likened to Jemima Puddleduck on more than one occassion (something to do with making tea and baking cakes...).  Andrew also claims I have a tendency to 'stick my beak into things' - more tactfully described as 'naturally inquisitive'. 
Jemima Puddleduck
Image courtesy of Peter
And dresses? Well, that's fairly simple, I like buying pretty dresses and I like wearing pretty dresses - even more so if they're decorated with birds, polka dots, flowers or stars.

So when Andrew pointed at me one day and uttered the words "duck in a dress!" a little part of my brain squirreled the phrase away for a time in an alternative future when I might actually be the sort of girl who has her own blog.

So here we are...


Tuesday 26 March 2013

A little about me

Hello there!

So I'm duck, 30, married to Andrew and happily playing at being a grown-up.

Both Andrew and myself work at a University (thankfully in different departments) and share a variety of hobbies with steam rallies and carnivals being our two big passions.

Andrew spent his formative years restoring a 1952 vintage lorry which we take to steam rallies across the South West and we're both members of a local carnival club with my photography hobby developing into the other project, 'Somerset and Wessex Carnival Photographs'  back in 1999.

Some of our other hobbies include:

cooking and baking (Andrew is the 'ready, steady, cook' guy, I'm the 'follow the recipe' gal)
stand up comedy (especially at the Edinburgh Fringe)

theatre and musicals (probably more my hobby, Andrew just goes along with it)

swimming, especially in the sea or outdoor pools and lidos (ditto, Andrew hates swimming)

sewing and cross stitch (my hobby obviously, although Andrew is a dab hand at fixing the sewing machine)

thrifting, charity shops, car boot sales

vintage fairgrounds, fairground art, penny arcade machines, ride mechanics


steam engines, both railway and traction (in fact Andrew will happily tinker with almost any type of engine)

flower and vegetable gardening (both of us are the lazy gardener variety however)

 exploring new places and discovering new things

and probably many more things I've forgotten

    One last 'hobby'...
With a fondness for organisation, spreasheets, lists and planning, a background in libraries and a distant pipe dream of becoming a Chartered Librarian - last September I decided to go back to University (via distance learning) and started an MSc in Information and Library Studies.

This, as well as a full time job and all our other hobbies and interests - madness, no?


Sunday 24 March 2013

Adventures in Blogland

So...on a miserable March morning, inspired by other wonderful lifestyle blogs, duck in a dress tentatively took the first steps into the world of blogging.

"But what will you write about?" cried the husband, "how on earth will you find the time?"

The answers?

I'll have a go at writing about anything that might take my fancy - the latest craft project, fabulous food and drink, pretty outfits and accessories, places (new and old) recently visited, exciting events and everything else in-between. (Husband was duly warned he *may* make an appearance at some point)
    And how I'll find the time? Well, I don't actually know, but like all good projects - from the make believe shops and libraries I "managed" as a child to the postgrad degree I'm attempting to study as an adult - all I can do is give it my best shot and see how it goes...
I'll keep you posted...
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