Sunday 2 June 2013

Faded Glamour

I've had these pictures since our Easter holiday in Blackpool and kept forgetting to post them.
One thing that's always fascinated me is the old-fashioned faded glamour of seaside resorts - call it nostalgia, call it rose-tinted but I love the way places along the coastline have developed for pleasure over time.
 Blackpool Tower Ballroom
 Blackpool Tower
Blackpool - faded amusement arcade sign
Blackpool fish and chip shop - vintage lights and chairs
Blackpool benches
Blackpool Tower Ballroom ceiling
Fleetwood fountain and flowers
Blackpool Central Pier benches
Blackpool Tower Ballroom ceiling and architecture
Blackpool Tower Ballroom dancers
If you're ever in Blackpool, make sure you visit the Tower Ballroom, it's free to enter - during the day you can get up close to the glorious artwork and spectacular architecture from the high balconies and in the evening you can share a pot of tea or a pint on the dance floor.
You can't really imagine anything like it being built today!


  1. I'd love to visit Blackpool one day. I've seen the mini-series with David Tennant and it looks so lovely. Love the people dancing in the last photo!

    1. So do I! There were only a few couples dancing and most of the them were older people - it kind of suited the 'faded glamour' theme!

      Blackpool is fabulous, a lot of people think it's terrible and yes, there are bits of it that are run down and left derelict but it's still a nostalgic seaside resort with plenty of good bits :-)

      Blackpool is definately very good at one thing - and that's good old fashioned fun :-) x


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