Tuesday 18 June 2013

National Picnic Week

This week is National Picnic Week!
But with the weather being so unpredictable at the moment, it's hard to get up the enthusiasm to arrange some food (either bought or cooked), pack up the picnic blankets and head off somewhere picturesque.
At Rosalilium's Blognix event the other week, we had a fabulous indoor picnic - it's amazing how much more fun lunch seemed by just spreading out some blankets and sitting on the floor.
 If you've got the space indoors, then I think that'd be the way to go!
We're hoping to brave the murky weather and head out for a picnic one evening, probably popping out to a scenic picnic spot a few miles away, one of Somerset's little know secrets - Ebbor Gorge Viewpoint
In the meantime, here's a few picnic things I'd love to own - if only we could guarantee more sunny weather!

Picnic Wishlist

1.Traditional Wicker Basket, £15, Asda
Pefect for transporting cakes and sandwiches!

2.Vintage Floral Picnic Blanket, £5.99, Dunelm Mill
Very Cath Kidston-ish and only £5.99.

3. Melamime Bird Plates, £12 (Set of 4), Next
They have birds on; obviously I want them!

4. Retro Flasks, £11.99, Iota Bristol
I've seen the same flasks at higher prices elsewhere but Iota Bristol seems to have them cheaper than others.

5. Ice Cream Candles, £2.99, The Range
Very cute and might keep away the wasps?

6. Butterfly Napkins, £1.50 (Set of 20), Asda
These would also work for a little girl's birthday party.

7. Hands-free Wine Glass Holders, £4.49, Lakeland
No need to worry about spilt drinks!

8. Wall's Family Cool Bag, £19.99, Lakeland
How cool is this bag? Lakeland have a number of Wall's Ice Cream products for sale at the moment.

9. Condiment Crayons, £9.99, Lakeland
It would be fun to decorate your burger with a crayon!

Are you planning any picnics this week?


  1. I have GOT to take my girls on a picnic this weekend!

    1. I know - I'd really like to go out one evening! Just need to weather to buck up it's ideas! :-) x

  2. I'm absolutely digging the basket and the bird plates! And those wine glass holders are such an invention, would be great to have those. Can't wait to go out and have a picknick someday soon!

    1. I love it all but I think my favourite are the bird plates. They have a whole set of things with the same print - cups, dishes, wine glasses, blankets and a little lunch bag (which I might just buy anyway!) :-) x

  3. I really want a picnic set - saw a pretty one in BHS window yesterday - it was quite ££ so didn't venture any closer or I may have fallen in love.!

    1. There's so many nice picnic sets out there! At one point I had about 8 pretty sets on my wishlist - but I figured a wishlist of picnic sets only and nothing else wouldn't be quite so interesting! :-) x


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