Sunday 27 December 2015

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 19th December

December's Photo an Hour challenge fell on the last Saturday before Christmas - the 19th December.

9am - At 35 and half weeks pregnant (almost 37 at the time of writing this post!), my bed is filled with pillows and cushions to prop me up.

10am - Bending over is another thing that's difficult to do whilst pregnant, which conveniently gets me out of filling up the dishwasher!

11am - Trying to finish writing our birth plan (which I imagine will end up being absolutely nothing like what actually happens...)

12pm - Off out to the post office to send off a Christmas present.

1pm - We popped into one of the local butchers to pick up some ham.

2pm - Back home and polishing off the last bits of birthday cake from the previous weekend.

3pm - Muppets!

4pm - Writing some Christmas cards to take along to a Christmas party that evening.

5pm - Party time at a friend's house.

6pm - Obviously the only handbag I could possibly take to any Christmas party.

7pm - Whilst all the adults were gossiping at the party, the kids were having a Nerf gun war...

8pm and 9pm - No pictures as my phone was buried under a pile of coats, we were all too busy talking and I didn't really want to enter into a war zone!

10pm - Just leaving the party.

11pm - A little bit of bedtime reading.

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And of course, myself here on this post, plus on Instagram and Twitter :-)

The first date for 2016 will be Saturday 16th January - three days before my due date. Which I imagine could mean one of three things on my Instagram page: either I'll be sat around bored and fed up; at home/hospital in labour (which you probably *don't* want pictures of); or it could be 12 hours of newborn baby spam. I'm taking bets it'll be the first option...

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