Friday 14 June 2013

Cornish Thrifting

Obviously when I was in Cornwall the other week I couldn't resist looking in Newquay's charity shops - and I even got to browse twice, once with Andrew on the Saturday and again with my friend M on the Tuesday!
I suppose that's either lucky or possibly slightly dangerous...

Red Handbag
My favourite colour is red so I couldn't resist this little woven basket bag for only £3

Duvet cover
Cath Kidston-esque double duvet set plus 2 pillowcases - Matalan via charity shop
Snapped up for £5.50!

Manicure kit
Vanity pocket mirror and manicure set - Poundland
These were actually from Poundland and not a charity shop but they have fabulous 50's style retro girls on them!

On the right - glass jug - £5 from a charity shop
Last month me and some good friends went to ASK Italian and we all fell in love with the water jug provided on the table (picture on the left) - and the same jug was in a Cornish charity shop!

Boden dress
Lined blue and brown flowery dress - Boden via charity shop

Vintage dress

Vintage dress
Vintage (60's? 70's?) peach and orange flowery dress - Unbranded via charity shop
I wasn't sure if this lovely vintage dress would fit me but I tried it on and other than it needing a couple of stitches in the seams, it was perfect!

And by far the best (and most contentious) item bought over the weekend was this set of retro-looking crockery. I already owned the large milk jug and then spotted the large casserole dish for £1 in a charity shop.
Further down the street another charity shop had 5 dinner plates, 6 bowls and 5 soup dishes for £7.50.
All Saturday afternoon I hummed and I hahhed - and then Andrew pointed out what on earth would I do with it all when we already had a full set of everyday and best crockery at home?
So off I went back to our holiday home, empty-handed...

Arcopal crockery

But when I went back round the charity shops on Tuesday, the set was still there - and I thought it would be just wrong to leave it and pass up the opportunity to own more beautiful 70's style crockery!

Andrew was not happy when I arrived home...



  1. The jug looks absolutely lovely. Well everything does really, but the jug just jumps out for me :-)

    1. I know - I couldn't believe it when I spotted it hidden at the back of a shelf! :-) x

  2. I would definitely have got that set too - it's one of my faves and I never seem to see it in my charity shops so well done you x

    1. It's a lovely set - I've had the milk jug since last year, I never expected to find any more so I couldn't belive it when I saw the rest in a charity shop!
      I had a bit of a dig around on the web and apparently it's late 60's/early 70's - a make called Arcopal from France; the design is called Scania. I think I'm definately becoming an Arcopal collector now... :-) x


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