Tuesday 31 October 2017

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 28th October

So what happened to summer then? Or even the beginning of autumn? How is it November tomorrow? I have a feeling I was asking the very same questions this time last year.

In the meantime I appear to have missed blogging about a third of a year of photo an hours. Time to play catch up methinks!

So let's start with the most recent day, October's photo an hour...

8am - After a late night out eyeing up exciting things in Ikea, the little one slept in her clothes...creating some excellent bed hair overnight.

9am - Breakfast.

10am - Heading out to a craft workshop.

11am - About to start the crafting...

12pm - And Christmas card designs complete!

1pm - Sorting out some Christmas presents (the beginnings of story sacks and a rhyme box) while Lily's having a nap.

2pm - Snack time.

3pm and 4pm - Attended a geocaching event in a nearby town in an incredibly pretty old church with excellent chocolate cake and a great little indoor kids playground. Did I actually remember to take any photos, blogger-cliche ones or otherwise? Of course not.

5pm - On our way again, from the geocaching event to a town about 5 miles away to watch a carnival.

6pm - Queuing up with the rest of the world in the one sole chip shop in the town centre.

7pm - Waiting for the carnival to start and enjoying some chips!

8pm - Spend the carnival procession taking shots on an actual camera and forgot to take any on my phone.

9pm - Homeward bound.

10pm - While Lily's asleep, it's time to catch up on some TV!

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November's photo an hour date will be Saturday 18th November!

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