Sunday 16 June 2013

Green-fingered Gardening Wishlist

After a jolly good day in the garden last week, I've found a few little things I'd like to make my life just that bit easier (and prettier!) when pottering around outside.

Tilly over at Love Tilly has also compiled a garden wishlist and great minds think alike - we've both fallen in love with this fabulous Dorothy Duck watering can!

Gardening Wishlist

1. Hanging Bird Solar Lantern, £3.29, The Range - anything with birds on it pretty cool by me so this would look perfect hanging from my apple tree branches.

2. Gardening Clogs, £15, Seasalt - I've been on the lookout for a pair of garden clogs/wellies so this pair would be ideal.

3. Red and White Striped Parasol, £17, Ikea - we don't have a parasol for our garden table but this bright and cheerful one would look fab!

4. Paddington Outdoor Station Clock£11.99, Argos - I'm always losing track of time in the garden so I think this should definately be on our wall - plus it has a 'trains' theme!

5. Raised Bed Kit, £25, Asda - we have 3 vegetable patches in our garden which are a bit of a mess at the moment; this raised bed kit would certainly help tidy them up.

6. Dorothy Duck Watering Can, £12, Wilkinsons - It's a duck! And a watering can! What more could you want?

7.Set of 3 Strawberry Planters, £6, Wilkinsons - Similar to the vegetable patches, we have a half-filled strawberry tower which also needs sprucing up; this set of planters would do the trick.

8. Multi-coloured Windmills, £1.29, The Range - Just because they would make my flower pots look even prettier!

9. Solar Light Bird Bath Hotel, £14.99, Home Bargains - We get quite a lot of birds in our garden and I've wanted a bird bath for a while. This one also has a solar light and a section for plants!


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