Thursday 26 May 2022

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 21st May 2022

May's photo an hour date was Saturday 21st. It was the other half's birthday a few days previously so we went out for a birthday day trip with his choice of destination being the steam trains at West Somerset Railway!

Here's what the day looked like...

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June's photo an hour date is Saturday 18th - see you there! 

Sunday 1 May 2022

March and April at the Duckpond

A two month round up this time, mainly because a proportion of 'March and April' were actually spent *not* at the duckpond. 

  • At the beginning of April we had a mini weekend break to Cornwall, staying with my sister in law who lives down there. We had great weather and even though it was the first weekend of the school holidays, it wasn't too busy! And the reason we were in Cornwall was to see...

  • Hetty Feather at the Minack Theatre - which was a fabulous show with great acting from the whole cast. It was a nice evening, not too cold and we took along blankets anyway. Lily loved the outdoor setting of the theatre I think! 

  • We managed to get both my Mum and Lily up to date with their COVID vaccinations. My Mum was due her 5th one (due to being immunosuppressed) and Lily was due her 2nd. We found a walk in clinic open to children whilst on holiday over Easter and they were more than happy to see us. 

  • Easter was spent in Anglesey in North Wales, at the same holiday park we've been to every year since 1987 (minus 2020 and 2021 of course). It was a bit different this year with my Dad not being able to come but we still had fun. Lots of ice creams were eaten, beaches were played on and geocaches were found. We did a mini Easter egg hunt in our chalet for Lily too and amazingly, she still has chocolate eggs left even now! 

  • Whilst on holiday too, me and Andrew had our 15th wedding anniversary. Not quite sure how it's been so many years; I remember making a card and present for my parent's 15th wedding anniversary back in 1991 so that's a bit surreal. 

  • My Dad's finally out of hospital and has been moved to his new home, a nursing home close to where he used to live. Luckily it's not too far for me and my Mum to visit either. 

  • TV and film - we haven't managed to watch much TV recently although I did see that Edgar Wright's 'The Sparks Brothers' film is now on Netflix so we're looking forward to seeing that at some point. I did watch a great talk from last year on YouTube by Bellingcat founder, Eliot Higgins all about how they tracked down the Skripal's poisioners. Open source investigation is something that interests me so I found it fascinating. I'm pleased that the Great British Sewing Bee is back on again too!

  • Music - I'm looking forward to Arcade Fire's new album, out on May 6th (I've had 'The Lightning' on repeat since it was released) and I spotted Muse also have a new album out later in the year too. 

  • Our Geocaching Instagram account seems to be going quite well, lots of people seem to like our photos and I think it encourages us to get out more. Or perhaps it's just because we tend to do more caching whilst on holiday. 

  • We had an excellent day trip to Lyme Regis back in March, somewhere Lily's wanted to visit for ages as she loves dinaosaurs and knows all about Mary Anning. We did a bit of fossil hunting but didn't find anything too interesting. We will have to return and have another search sometime!

  • April's Photo an Hour took place on Saturday 23rd - we were driving back from Anglesey that day so a few hours of pictures were missed. Just after Easter, I also did a round up of all the lovely people who've taken part in photo an hour over the last year. May's photo an hour date is Saturday 21st - feel free to join in if you want. 

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