Wednesday 12 June 2013

June Comments Challenge - 12th June

The Bonjour, Blogger June Comments Challenge
Wednesday 12th June - Five Cool Blog Posts

Eclectic Ephemera - Knit for Britain from Above
Eclectic Ephemera
A lovely idea to put knitted aeroplanes in historical places!

My Make Do and Mend Year - Father's Day Pinspiration...
My Make Do and Mend Year
It's Father's Day in only 4 days time and I still haven't got anything for both father and father-in-law - but Jen has some great ideas on her Father's Day Pinterest board!

Plastic Rosaries - BBC Books Challenge
Plastic Rosaries
The BBC reckons people will have read less than 6 books on this list - I've only read 25 - how many have you read?

Nic's Notebook - I Went To Blognix...
Nic's Notebook
Some more lovely pictures of Blognix - I do hope Rosalilium will run another one next year!

Slap Snap - Who Doesn't Love a Games Night?
Slap Snap
Absolutely! I think we should all have more games nights!

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