Tuesday 4 June 2013

32 Before 32

So...I'm going to cheat a little bit with my list as I'll actually only be 31 on my next birthday.
But seeing as I only started duck in a dress a couple of months ago, and my birthday is in December, I think just over 6 months isn't enough time to complete 31 before 31.

So here's my 32 before 32 list (which gives me 18 months to give it a jolly good go!)

1. Go to a bloggers event and learn from other inspirational bloggers
(I had an amazing day at Rosalilium's Blognix event - full review here)

2. Swim in The Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe

3. Make a really cool 1950's style Christmas dress

4. Discover a random show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
(We went to see 'This Is Your Trial' after spotting a poster at a bus stop during Edinburgh 2014)

5. Learn to knit
(Done. I used the time sat at home after I broke my ankle in September 2014 to get started and my first knitted project was some crutch decorations)

6. Walk up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

7. Go to a swishing event
(Me and my friend M went to an event in Warminster in October 2013 - pictures here and here)

8.  Do some more work on my family history

9. Have a bonfire night/fireworks party

10. Visit Arnos Vale Cemetary

11. Give my wardrobe an overhaul

12. Take the plunge and dye my hair a coppery colour
(Kind of done; I dyed my hair for the first time ever in December 2014 with a light copper colour but it ended up being so subtle that you couldn't see it in the photos!)

13. Complete the NHS Couch to 5K programme

14. Start digitalising our huge CD collection

15. Practice driving Andrew's lorry

16. Have some summer BBQs with friends in our back garden

17. Make a Christmas pudding from scratch

18.  Go to London and watch Matilda the Musical again

19. Plan an amazing party for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary in December 2014

20. Plan, package and post some pretty letters
(I joined Miss Beatrix's Post Circle and sent off some bloggy gift swaps - a Summer Gift Swap, a Secret Santa Swap, A Thrifty Christmas Gift Swap and a couple of Blogger Book Swaps)

21.Make some bunting for my conservatory

22. Finish all my half-started mending and sewing projects

23. Attend the second study school of my postgraduate degree
(Done - I had a week studying and partying in Aberystwyth in September 2013. My top tips for distance learning can be found here)

24. Make time to go on some dates with my amazing husband

25. Explore the cycle paths around our area

26. Re-upholster my Great Aunt's wicker chair and wicker storage box

27. Carry on with my long-running 2002 Golden Jubilee cross stitch sampler

28. Take a picnic to Chew Valley Lake and share an afternoon with the ducks

29. Go to Library Camp Bristol and spend a day with fellow library enthusiasts
(I had a really cool day at Library Camp SW in July 2013 - full review here)

30. Raise money for a good cause by taking part in the Marie Curie Cancer Care Ladies Driving Challenge

31. Learn to ice skate properly (instead of hovering near the handrail)

32. Walk up to the Stone Circle at Glastonbury Festival for an spectacular view of the show
(Glastonbury Festival 2013 I walked up to the Stone Circle, unfortunately a large amount of the view is obscured by trees! Pictures here)


  1. Such a fun list! Do keep us updated on your progress! :)

  2. I love reading other people's goal lists. It always inspires me a bit more with my own. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! I was actually inspired to write my own list after reading your '31 Before 31' and '30 Before 30' posts - having a goal list of things to aim for is such a good idea :-) x

  3. This is such a good well rounded list, good luck with all of those hun.
    Little Blonde Life


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