Tuesday 30 June 2015

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 20th June

I'm a week late with this month's photo an hour post (and a whole month late with May's but we won't go there...) - I meant to have this published last Tuesday!

Anyway, the short story is for July's photo an hour date I've chosen Saturday 18th July - let's hope the mini heatwave lasts til then and we can have lots of sunny beach and BBQ themed pictures!

The long story is here's how my day panned out...

9am - It was Andrew's turn to cook breakfast and he didn't do too badly.

10am - Andrew had taken the lorry out to a local event but I stayed home for a bit and tried to get on with sorting out the 136 dresses I'd dug out of my wardrobe.

11am - Time for a spot of tea and cake.

12pm - I remembered that I still hadn't unpacked the previous night's American candy bargains from B&M.

1pm - Off to catch the bus to the other side of town to meet Andrew for lunch.

2pm - Andrew had taken his lorry to the local heritage railway station and they'd laid on a vintage-style lunch in their buffet carriage.

3pm - Off for a walk around the station.

4pm - Still at the station with Andrew's lorry, watching the last few punters drift away.

5pm - I was back home and started undoing the cards for both my dad and Andrew's dad ready for father's day on the Sunday.

6pm - The current project was this little stuffed dog which came free as a kit on the cover of Knit Now magazine.

7pm - Still knitting but the wool's getting a bit tangled.

8pm - Gave up with the knitting to take the new car out for a spin in the lovely evening light.

9pm - Andrew's choice of driving music!

10pm - Back home and everyone needs a bit of Gavin and Stacey before bed!

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Monday 22 June 2015

Life Lately at the Duckpond

Howdy, long time no blog it seems! You know when you get ill and then life gets hectic and then time just seems to run away with you (#bloggerclichealert - how is it July next week?) - well, yeah, that.

So life lately's included...

  • being ill and ending up with a week off work, which of course under any other circumstances would be great but spending a week sleeping and feeling sick wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

  • quite a good while afterwards still feeling tired and just "not quite right".

  • celebrating the wedding of two friends at their evening do (they had their big day with family on holiday in Cyprus!)

  • knitting a stuffed dog called Fudge which came as a free kit on the front of Knit Now magazine.


  • seeing another funnyman, Rich Hall in Salisbury (a gig which I saw Eileen (on her blog) went to as well - one day, we really must meet up!)

  • spending a weekend at our local heritage railway station where they were having a wartime-themed weekend and asked Andrew to take his lorry (even though technically it was built in 1952...)

  • getting out the old-fashioned candles during a mini (30 mins) blackout in our local area one evening.

  • packing in our ancient LoveFilm DVD subscription and joining the modern age of Netflix (tell me, what should I watch first?)

  • introducing the ladies in my office to the Only Connect connecting wall game online - resulting in a substantial reduction in the amount of actual work completed over the last few weeks.

  • spending one lunch hour online browsing and then buying some wool (to make a dinosaur with). Does that make me a grown up?

  • really enjoying 'No Offence' on C4 - it seems to have been a bit lost in all the TV mags and reviews but it's actually really good.

  • buying tickets for the shows we want to see at Edinburgh Fringe in August. This year we're there for 7 days and I've managed to shoehorn 30 shows into our schedule.

  • getting severely behind in blogging (Really? You hadn't guessed?). My drafts folder still has stuff from our Easter holiday in it and owe Bon Marche a sponsored post which is already incredibly late.

  • and buying a new car! Our good old Citroen C3 was getting a bit life expired (we'd had it 8 years) so we traded it in for a slightly bigger and newer car. I'm most impressed with the fact that in the new one I can plug my phone in and the music plays directly!

So...tell me all, what have I missed?

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