Saturday 8 June 2013

Cornwall - A Weekend In The Sun

As mentioned herehere and ooh, possibly here - if you hadn't already guessed then last weekend we were in sunny Cornwall!

Land of pasties, surfing, tin mines and pixies...

Our weekend in collages...
(can you tell I'm having fun with the PicMonkey site?)

The Sunshine
Newquay sun and beaches
Coastal surf - Proof that it really was hot enough to have bare legs and feet - Fistral Beach

The Food
Cornish pasties, cakes and Smokey Joe's Cafe
Smokey Joe's Cafe (a legendary 50's style truck stop) - Cakes from Pauline's Bakery, Newquay
Breakfast outside in the sun - A proper Cornish pasty (hidden in a bag away from any dive-bombing seagulls...)
The Little Things
Cornish flowers, birds, and caterpillars
The footpath from The Lizard to Kynance Cove - 1875 Almshouses in Padstow
Honeysuckle in full bloom - Little birds fighting for food in Newquay high street - A furry caterpillar found on the footpath to Kynance Cove
The Coastline
Cornish coastlines
Towan Beach, Newquay - Padstow harbour - Kynance Cove
Here's hoping there's many more lovely sunny weekends to come!


  1. Cornwall is gorgeous - love your photos! That pasty looks so tasty too...

    1. Aww, thank you! It was tasty, even though you have to eat it hidden in a bag! :-) x


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