Thursday 1 May 2014

#BEDM Day 1 - What Is Your Blog All About?

Day 1 of Rosalilium’s 'Blog Every Day in May' Challenge

 Answering machine

Hello you lovely people, you've reached the voicemail blog of duck - or duck in a dress to be a bit more precise.
Duck can't answer the phone at the moment as she's currently wearing a delightful hospital dress with her flippers in the air at Bath Fertility Centre.
If you'd like to stick around, you'll get to hear all about the life of this little duck - fairgrounds, steam rallies, food, charity shops, libraries, Carnivals, cakes, IVF and lots more. 
Please leave a message comment after the tone signature.
Normal service will be resumed tomorrow morning.
Thank you!
(with huge amounts of thanks to Angela for the idea and to my friend M for the help with the picture!)


  1. Wow what a fantastic idea for your intro post! Hope it all went well at the clinic - and I look forward to reading more of your #BEDM posts!
    Anna (a fellow #BEDM-er!!) x

  2. Best of luck today, Louisa! Take it easy over the weekend and be sure to eat lots of cake xx

  3. *waits for beep* Good luck today Louisa!!! Xxx

  4. Good luck today, hope it all goes well :)

  5. Hey Louisa it's Michelle, just erm dropping in erm for a catch up really. Hope you're erm doing alright at the erm hospital, thinking erm about erm you. PETE STOP CHEWING MY LAPTOP CABLE.
    Can't erm wait to erm blog every day with erm you in May.
    Call me back when you erm get this. Erm bye!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Haha, thanks Michelle! I love the image of Pete on the phone as well! :-) xx

  6. Looking forward to reading all your posts again :D and best of luck with today x

  7. Best of luck for today and I'll keep my fingers (and everything else) crossed for you!

  8. [inside head: Oh crap. I hate leaving answerphone messages. Don't say anything stupid.]

    HiLouiseHowexcitingtohearthatyou'recurrentlyinahospitalgownallflippersakimbo.NotthatI'mthinkingaboutyouallflippersakimbo.Thatwouldbereallyweird. *gasps for breath* AnywayI'mverymuchlookingforwardtoreadingallofyourBEDMpostsandhopeeverythingisgoingwellatthehospital.Bye!Ohbythewayit'sKatiefromHookLineandSinkHer.Oops!OKbye! *hangs up and bashes forehead with palm* xxx

    1. Haha, this made me smile so much! I was at a wedding reception surrounded with kiddy-winks when I my phone beeped to say there was a new blog comment and your comment Katie, was just what I needed - I ended up laughing to myself! (and probably ended up looking like a loony) :-) xxx


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