Friday 21 June 2013

June Comments Challenge - 20th & 21st June

The Bonjour, Blogger June Comments Challenge
Thursday 20th and Friday 21st June - Ten Cool Blog Posts

A Thrify Mrs - Jarvis & His Career
A Thrify Mrs
El's gorgeous dog, Jarvis has gone and got himself a new career!

Where is Harriet - Indoor Picnic
Where is Harriet
 With the unpredictable weather at the moment, indoor picnics are the way to go!

Rosalilium - Giveaway: The Bellwether Sweary Tea-Towel
A brill giveaway from Rosalilium and The Bellwether - loving the sweary tea towel!

Kat Got The Cream - What's In My Handbag?
Kat Got The Cream
Another nosy look into someone's handbag!

Knitting on Trains - Charity Shop Find: Ice Cream Machine
Knitting on Trains
Jess has found this fab retro ice cream machine in a charity shop!

Hello Terri Lowe - The 'Minimum Wage' Dress
Hello Terri Lowe
I can't really underatand how this dress managed to make it to the shop shelves!

My Make Do and Mend Year - The Amazings
My Make Do and Mend Year
A great new initiative called The Amazings with an ever-growing range on online tutorials and courses.

Even Artichokes Have Hearts - Toile De Jouy
Even Artichokes Have Hearts
Some lovely toile de jouy cushions made out of left over fabric.

Floral and Feather - Photography - The Bargain Macro Lens
Floral and Feather
Lovely pictures of flowers taken with a bargain macro lens - wonder if they have one for a Panasonic Lumix?

This Girl Is... - ...A Lavender Lover
This Girl Is...
Never cooked with lavender before but this shortbread looks delicious!

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