Sunday 31 December 2017

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 18th November

November's photo an hour day fell (as it does almost every year) on a carnival day down here in Somerset. We were off to Glastonbury carnival that evening!

Here's what the day looked like...

9am - In our house, trains are "go go's"

10am - Tupperware sorting is an essential part of any morning.

11am - Prepping for redecorating the hallway.

12pm - Book repairing.

1pm - Boring picture alert!

2pm - Top of the (thankfully unlit) fireplace is apparently a good storage location.

3pm - Three pairs of socks and thermal leggings for the carnival.

4pm - Parked up and ready to kill some time before the procession in Glastonbury.

5pm - It's a bit soggy...

6pm - Still raining...

7pm - The carnival still takes place, whatever the weather!

8pm - Still damp!

9pm - Back to the car after the procession (where we were watching, the carnival had finished but where the car was parked, it was still going past!)

10pm - And homeward bound...

Jane set the December date as Saturday 16th - you can find the round-up for that day here :-)

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Saturday 30 December 2017

A Photo Every Hour - Saturday 16th December

Behind again with blog posts and photo an hour... What on earth does the year think its doing going by so fast? Anyway, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are planning a fab New Year :-)

December's festive photo an hour date fell on Saturday 16th - we were off to the theatre and to see Father Christmas!

Here's what the day looked like...

9am - It was a hat-wearing sort of day apparently.

10am - Putting pen to paper on the sacred Christmas issue of the Radio Times.

11am - Sorting out Christmas presents.

12pm - On our way out to Bristol to the theatre.

1pm - A sunny Bristol sky!

2pm - Waiting for our lift home after a brilliant performance of 'Ice Ice Baby' (Bristol Old Vic's Christmas show for under 3's)

3pm - Trying to find orange coloured decorations for our rainbow-themed Christmas tree!

4pm - On our way to find Father Christmas.

5pm - Taking Lily back to the fertility clinic where she was created to drop off a Christmas present and also visit their Santa's Grotto (where our consultant was playing the big man!)

6pm - Home for a cup of tea via the shops where we managed to pick up some 30p dairy-free custard doughnuts! #win

7pm - Nursery rhymes before (what we hoped was) bedtime...

8pm onwards there were no pics as someone didn't want to play ball going to sleep! All my photos would've been of a darkened room with a toddler stumbling round trying to find toys to play with...

Anyway 12 lovely people joined in this month:
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Give me a shout if I've missed you from the list and I'll add you on!

The first photo an hour date for 2018 will be Saturday 20th January.

If you've always wondered about joining in but never actually taken the plunge, Jane's put together a handy blog post all about it - why not try something new for 2018!

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