Thursday 20 June 2013

Who wants to run away to the Circus?

"Join the Circus, like you wanted to, when you were a kid..."
As Barnum's famous song lyrics go - hands up if you wanted to run away to the circus?
My brother has Down's Syndrome and loves anything visual, slapstick and colourful so a trip to the circus is one of his favourite activities.
So when John Lawson's Circus rolled into town, we headed on up to the Big Top clutching our £7 ticket vouchers for an evening of entertainment and clowning around.

John Lawson's Circus

John Lawson's Circus Make Up

John Lawson's Circus Big Top

John Lawson's Circus Big Top

Highlights of the night were...
Chrisalice the French pole acrobat with his 1930's Paris love story
The Ukrainian Sefanyuk family with their acrobatic trampolining and comedy supersized bike
And Ana Sefanyuk with her inverted juggling

John Lawson's Circus
John Lawson's Circus

John Lawson's Circus
John Lawson's Circus is a great little show; they tour to small off-the-beaten-track towns and villages; the sort of places where no circus or funfair usually travels to.
It may be small but it certainly brought the local community together for a fab and very entertaining night.
PS. I apologise for anyone who's been scared by the clowns in this post!


  1. Oh I haven't been to the circus in years. I really should take one or all of my kids at some point!

    PS Love these photos, so colourful!

    1. Aww, thank you :-) x
      You should definately try and go if there's one nearby - all the children there last week seemed to be having a whale of a time! :-) x


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