Sunday 25 January 2015

Tunnocks Teacakes Coasters

Despite saying I don't think I'm that creative, a few weeks ago I did go and think of an actual creative-crafty-type-thing.
It all started from the fact that we've had various cork and wooden coasters in our living room for the last few years; they never seem to last very long, the pattern always wears off and you end up with them looking all naff and manky.
I've always liked the pattern on a Tunnocks teacake wrapper (and the teacake itself), my grandmother used to buy them and being given one from her cupboard always felt like a real treat when I was young.
Then it occurred to me, why not put the wrapper inside some of those clear plastic coasters you can buy? I reckoned it would look pretty retro, be easy to clean and would certainly last a lot longer than the coasters we've had before. Plus we’d get the added bonus of eating lots of teacakes.

Tunnocks Teacakes Coaster
This make is so easy it shouldn’t even need a tutorial. All you need is:
Tunnocks Teacakes
Clear plastic coasters (we bought this pack of 10 for £5.20 from a seller on Amazon, Hobbycraft also sell them but at a more expensive price)

Tunnocks Teacakes Coasters
1. Unwrap the teacake carefully, making sure not to rip the wrapper. If you do, oh dear, you’ll just have to eat some more, what a shame.
2. Eat said teacakes.
3. Flatten the wrappers out carefully and then place them in the pages of a big and heavy book.
4. Chuck big book at the bottom of a pile of big books and leave there for a while (we left ours for a few weeks because we were lazy and didn’t get round to making the coasters but as long as it's had a couple of days, it probably doesn't matter how long really).
5. Carefully take the wrapper from the book and place in the middle of the coaster top (the clear bit). We had to turn it over and look at it a few times to make sure it was fairly central.
6. Place the back of the coaster (the opaque bit) into the coaster top and press down firmly.
7. You should be left with excess foil around the edges; take a knife, pair of scissors or other sharp implement and carefully score around the edges to remove the extra bits.
7. Repeat until you have as many coasters as you want (we made eight).
8. Place on table, brew up a cup of cha and sit back and admire your handiwork, preferably with yet another teacake.   
9. Exaggerate to everyone who comes to visit how much time and effort it took to make them.

Tunnocks Teacakes Coasters
All I need now is one of Nikki McWilliams' cushions and one of Gillian Kyle's cups to match!


  1. Aw these remind me of my Granda, bless his heart. He loved these! What a super fun and easy DIY - love the final result!!


  2. That is SUCH a good idea! I will definitely be stealing that! x

  3. These look absolutely brilliant! They'd make a great gift for a teacake lover, and what an imaginative idea.

  4. What a creative idea - these look great.

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. Ha they look brilliant!!

    All the best creative stuff is the stuff that didn't take that long to make but looks like it took an age.

  6. Oh wow they look fantastic!

  7. These are so cool, never bad to have an excuse to eat more chocolate! Plus maybe you can change them if you get sick of the design (unlikely but...) :)

  8. Genius idea to eat teacakes for a legitimate reason!

  9. These are magnificent! Now what else can I stick in my face in the name of crafting??
    M x

  10. Those look fantastic - great job!x

  11. They look fab! I'm now wondering if you could use the wrappers to decoupage a photo frame...


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