Friday 31 May 2013

New Project - The Bonjour, Blogger June Comments Challenge

After completing the lovely rosalilium's 'blog every day in May' challenge, I've now signed up for a new project - the Bonjour, Blogger June Comments Challenge.
Bonjour Blogger June Comments Challenge
The challenge - leave 5 comments every day (or 35 each week) on other bloggers posts.
I always try and leave comments wherever I can - if I've got something to add or some interesting anecdote or snippet of info - so on paper the task sounds rather easy.
However I have a feeling it will be much more challenging than I think!
I'll try and post each night with the 5 blog posts I've commented on - sharing the blog love! :-)


  1. Oh I will definately join! I sadly missed out in the 'community' during BEDM because of study-stress, but now I'm all ready to go out there and comment! Thanks for sharing!

    1. That's okay - It definately sounds like a good challenge! :-) x


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