Tuesday 28 May 2013

Day 28 - Bad Advice

Day 28 of rosalilium’s 'blog every day in May' challenge
Bad Advice
(What is the worst advice you have ever received?)

Unfortunately me and Andrew have been receiving bad advice quite regularly over the last 18 months.

After being married for 5 years and settled with a house and mortgage, back in December 2011 we decided to try and make a duckling baby.  A year and a half on we now know there's several medical reasons why we still haven't managed to start our family yet but thankfully we're under the care of our local fertility clinic and on a journey that will most likely end in IVF.

Pregnancy test displaying 'you're mental'
 Source: 'Making Babies on the NHS'

But when you're having "problems" as other people so delighfully refer to it, there's plenty of assvice (as infertiles like to call it) that society is happy to dish out.

So here you go... 10 things never to say to a couple having trouble conceiving!

1. I understand exactly how you feel! It took us a whole 3 months to get pregnant!
(yes, of course, you understand EXACTLY)

2. You're soooo lucky not to have kids.
(really? shall we swap your life for mine?)

3. Trying to get pregnant is the fun part!
(obviously you've never tried to get pregnant)

4. Well, my sister/aunt/neighbour never had children and she had a wonderful life.
(well, good for her)

5. Just have lots of sex!
(of course! why didn't I think of that?)

6. Well you can always adopt.
(yes, that's true...but it's not exactly the same)

7. You must have such a fab life - being able to go out all the time!
(see answer to number 2)

8. Just stop trying and it'll happen.
(clearly you have no idea about science or medicine)

9. You'll be a great mum/parent!
(you think we don't know that? thanks for rubbing it in)

10. (and the worst of all)  You just need to relax!
(words fail me...)

Just to make it clear for everyone (so I don't sound all bitter and twisted!), I am fine about it - our situation has been going on for so long and with so many problems, we can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all!

Couple walking with balloons
Image via Pinterest
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  1. Those are great comebacks, some people just don't understand how difficult it is. I've seen quite close how difficult it is to get pregnant and what it does to someone. I wish you all the best and really hope it all works out for you!


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