Wednesday 1 May 2013

Day 1 - 5 Lines

So...I’ve only been blogging for just over a month yet somehow I thought it was a good idea to sign up for a task that involves publishing a post every day?!  What was I thinking? And should I mention that I have a 3000 word business plan due at the beginning of June?
Oh well, in for penny, in for a pound – let it never be said that I shy away from challenges...
Day 1 of rosalilium’s 'blog every day in May' challenge
5 Lines
(Introduce yourself or sum yourself up in just 5 lines. Include a photograph that you are proud of)
As you might be able to tell, I’m only just starting out into the world of blogging and did an ‘about me post’ only a few weeks ago. So, if it’s allowed, I’m going to interpret today’s topic by sharing 5 unusual things about me:
1. I went abroad on my own for the first time to New York. At the age of 19. Exactly one year after 9/11.
2. I've performed (danced and sung) to over 100,000 people in one night. And do so every few years.
3. I don't own a passport.
4. I've driven lorries. One from 1952 and one from 2009.
5. I've been to Glastonbury Festival each year since 2004 for free. And will be going again this year.
And a photograph that I am proud of?
I'm not sure whether to interpret that as a photograph I've taken that I'm proud of, or a photograph of something that I'm proud of having done. I'm gonna go with the latter and make myself look really sentimental.
Duck and Andrew on their wedding day
On that day I wasn't just any old duck - I was a swan!


  1. Just stopping by from the BEDM list to say hello! Great five things, and a great photo!

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge :)


    1. Thank you and hello to you too! :-)

      Good luck for the rest of the month as well x

  2. Lovely photo :)!
    I don't have a passport either - my dog actually ate mine which sounds like a terrible excuses but is actually true. The passport office won't let me have a new one unless I produce evidence of the eating...of which there is none!

    Look forward to reading the rest of your BEDM posts :)

    1. Thank you!

      I always get strange looks when I say I don't have a passport - although mine simply ran out 6 years ago and I didn't bother renewing it, nothing like as good a story as yours!

      Not quite sure what the Passport Office expected you to produce!? :-)

      Good luck for the rest of #BEDM x


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