Friday 2 May 2014

#BEDM Day 2 - 5 Fave Posts

Day 2 of Rosalilium’s 'Blog Every Day in May' Challenge

Well hello there lovely people!

A 'how do you do' to anyone who's found their way here from #BEDM and a 'nice to see you again' to all the beautiful regular readers.

So yep, as you may or may not have realised, yesterday I spent the morning having an egg collection operation as part of our second round of IVF treatment. The afternoon was spent with a hot water bottle, a duvet, some TV and a big bar of Galaxy.

Thanks to everyone who left me a voicemail comment - I'll respond to them all at the weekend!

Although it's not exactly a pain-free procedure, 24 hours later it's not too bad so here we are, back to normal (ish) and ploughing on with Day 2 of #BEDM.

Even though I've only been blogging for 14 months, I've managed to somehow randomly rack up over 380 posts. I'm not really sure what exactly about!

But anyway, in no particular order, my favourite 5 blog posts to write and put together are...

What It's Like to Have IVF
I was quite worried about writing this post; I didn't want to seem like I was always banging on about it or to come across as bitter with the whole 'feel sorry for me please' vibe.
I think there's far too much secrecy and shame connected with infertility in society and I just wanted to write a little bit about my experience of it. Personally I don't feel bad about being infertile at all - it's part of my life and you just get on and deal with it!

Why I'm A Bad Blogger
This was something I'd been thinking about for a few weeks; I was all too aware that I didn't do all those cliched blogger things you're supposed to do and I had such fun writing it all down in black and white.

Why I Love Autumn
I'd seen lots and lots of these type of posts around (they seem to creep up every season!) and thought I'd add my two-pennies-worth to the blogosphere. The reason I like autumn though, is completely different to every other blogger!

A Bear on His Travels
Every so often we look after the furry mascot of the staff society at work; his first outing with us was to the Great Dorset Steam Fair - and I think it's safe to say he had a pretty good time!

Faded Glamour
This post is from our holiday to Blackpool in April 2013. I love the atmosphere, architecture and history of seaside resorts so I had great fun snapping pictures of Blackpool's former glory.

These aren't necessarily the posts which have got the most hits or even the most comments, but they were definitely some of my favourite ones to write.


  1. I'm keeping everything crossed :) Good work on the TV, blanket, hot water bottle and chocolate combo! I hope you're fully recovered today xxx

    1. Thanks Katie - the hot water bottle and chocolate are always a good idea :-) xxx

  2. Fingers crossed that everything works out for you! Looking forward to reading more from you x

  3. I never saw 'A bear on his travels' the first time round! Thank goodness for BEDM for alerting me to it :) Glad you are not in too much pain today, and like the above say, fingers crossed!! xx

    1. Thanks Rosie! The bear may well make another appearance at some point :-) x

  4. Fingers crossed for you! I often find the posts I enjoy writing and/or sharing the mosts often aren't the ones with the biggest stats or comments oddly enough.

    1. Thanks Rachael, it's strange isn't it, the ones with the most comments are never the ones you expect! :-) x

  5. Crossing all crossable body parts for you!
    I love the bear and your Blackpool post was lush, being a former northerner it was lovely to see it through someone else's eyes.
    M x


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