Monday 19 May 2014

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Wandering - round the streets of Bath for the Musuems at Night open evening on Friday. We visited the Holburne Musuem first, then went to get a burger from Gourmet Burger Kitchen and were planning to finish with a stroll round the Roman Baths. I say, 'planning' beacuse as locals we have a card which gets us free entry, only someone (not naming any names, Andrew!) forgot his card. As it happened anyway, when we got there the place wasn't even open til 8pm and we had another hour to wait so we gave up and came home.
Holburne Musuem, Bath


Visiting - some friends for a barbecue evening on Saturday. There's a bunch of us and we only get round to meeting up two or three times a year - which is lucky really as me and Andrew are the only couple without children so it does get rather awkward!

Enjoying - the sunny weather. Windows were flung open, dresses were worn and my whiter-than-white legs were on show!

Spotting - that our wisteria is properly out now and the peony in our front garden is sporting 7 buds.


Wrapping - several presents for Andrew's 36th birthday today. He's got a few little not-very-exciting ones and a couple of bigger main presents, one of which is quite large and I couldn't be bothered to wrap it up!
Birthday presents

Baking - two cakes, one Victoria Sponge for Andrew to take into work for his mates and one Chocolate Cake for him to blow the candles out at home.
Victoria sponge
What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend and a very happy birthday to Andrew! The sponge cake looks delicious! We had some of Joe's immediate family visiting for the weekend so we did some sightseeing and probably ate too much!

    1. Ahh, surely there's no such thing as eating too much! :-) x

  2. Gorgeous looking flowers and cakes, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andrew! It's so nice to have the sunshine out; I forget how much better it makes everything. Nighttime museum adventures sound like fun- I did something similar myself last week for an evening art event. xxx

    1. Thanks Katie! It was definitely a good weekend, you're right, the sunshine makes everything so much more fun! :-) xxx

  3. Belated happy birthday Andrew! That biggie looks a bit gadgety, what is it what is it???
    And peonies, do they need lots of love? I've wanted to grow some for ages.
    M x

    1. Haha, the big one was a gadget - a fancy Steepletone record player!
      And nope, peonies are easy - just ignore them all year and then chop them back to the roots in the autumn :-) xx


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