Saturday 3 May 2014

52 Lists - Things I'd Do If I Won The Lottery

So yep...things we'd do if we won the lottery. The thing is, a lottery win isn't usually much these days, I think this weekend's jackpot was only about £4.5 million or something?

And if by some miracle (which it certainly would be considering neither of us play!) we did take home the ultimate prize, Andrew's first purchase would be one of these...

Great Dorset Steam Fair Showmans Engines
(specifically one like the second from the right - the one which says 'Pat Collins' on the canopy side)

Which would swiftly swallow up over half of one those millions.

And that's before you get into the actual running costs of the thing - a low loader to transport it to steam rallies (probably about £20,000), boiler tests, maintenence, repairs, a HGV licence for Andrew (about £1500), coal to actually steam it, staff to run it at rallies and even things like new tyres (one front wheel is several thousand).

So the next purchase would have to be a new house, because of course we'd need a lot of land and a large shed to house the thing in. That would probably take up another million or so for a large house and land. Ideally it'd be nice to be near the coast but I'm pretty sure that would be vetoed as any potential wind and sand could damage the paintwork and boiler!

If there was any dosh left over...
- we'd buy a new car (probably £10,000 or so)
- I'd finish my Masters degree (another £5000 to pay off)
- and we wouldn't have to worry about paying for our IVF treatment (at just under £5000 a go each time).

What would you spend your money on if you won the lottery?

This post is part of Ema's (Made in Hunters) 52 Lists Project
For a full list of all the other lovely bloggy people taking part, visit Scarlett's site (WorkRestPlayLove) for a nosy!


  1. Woah, didn't realise how expensive the traction engine would be! I also had no idea how pricy IVF is - that's ridiculous! x

    1. Yup, I've heard of some them selling for over a million! And unfortunately, yep, that's the cost of IVF. xx

  2. Wow- that's an expensive engine! I think I'd buy a plot of land somewhere near to where we currently live, and build a mansion on it to house us and some of our favourite friends. Also, some serious travelling. xxx

    1. And that's one of the cheaper ones! I like the idea of a mansion - that's a fab idea! :-) xxx


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