Saturday 17 May 2014

#BEDM Day 17 - Favourite Decade

Day 17 of Rosalilium’s 'Blog Every Day in May' Challenge

Ooh, now this is a difficult one - there's bits I like from each decade from about the 1920s to the 1960s!

Narrowing it down to one though, it would probably have to be the 1950s - the era of fabulous full-skirted outfits, halternecks, jukeboxes, rock and roll, the promise of better things (now the War was over), new-fangled gadgets just starting to appear in the kitchen and a time when you had fantastic fairground rides.

Last Saturday we went over to a little village called Pinkneys Green just outside Maidenhead to see Carters Steam Fair - one company who throughly channel the 50s vibe all across the fair.

As it happened, on the day we had 8 hours of sunshine and showers, except that when it rained, it really rained. Consequently my pictures from our trip there last weekend are not exactly great...

Carters Steam Fair at Pinkneys Green

Carters Steam Fair at Pinkneys Green

Carters Steam Fair at Pinkneys Green

These pics are also not strictly true of the 50s either as by then, most of showmen had ditched their steam engines and were investing in diesel lorries (such as the one Andrew's spent his life restoring!).

For a much better idea of what it *should* look like, pop over to my review of last year's weekend at the fair or my shots from Carters when they spent a few days in Bath's Victoria Park.

What's your favourite decade?


  1. Lovely photos- such bright colours! I think mine would have to be the 80s- huge hair, bright colours, cheesy pop... I was alive in the 80s but only just; I'd've liked to experience it as a teenager rather than a toddler! xxx

    1. The 80s definitely would've been fun! I can only just remember the end of them, I was born in 82 so didn't really get a chance to experience the full amount of cheesiness :-) xxx


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