Wednesday 30 April 2014

April Happiness

Five things which have made me smile this month...
1. This sign. Found in the Students Union at Bath Uni.
Silly sign in the Students Union at Bath Uni
2. A fab perk of the job - a drinks reception here!
Roman Baths Drinks Reception
3. Seeing lots of these guys all around campus.
4. An lovely anniversary meal at a little cafe called Tiffanys in Llandudno.
Hot chocolate at Tiffanys Llandudno
5. This picture. I wanted a photo of the flowers we had in our holiday cottage and Andrew decided to snap me instead. It's a bit of a silly picture but I really quite like it!
Me with daffodils
What little things have made you happy this month?


  1. I love silly door signs like that; especially anything pun-related! Very sweet photos of you and the ducklings :) xxx


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