Thursday 23 October 2014

Reasons Why I'm Not A "Proper Blogger"

Back in March I wrote a little post all about why I'm a bad blogger. While I've been off work I thought I'd hire Frozen from LoveFilm and see what all the fuss was about and it occurred to me not having watched it yet is one of the many things that would make me anything but a "proper blogger".

Reasons why I'm not a proper blogger

Here's a few more...

I've never seen Mean Girls.
And consequently I don't wear pink on Wednesdays.

All those cult TV programmes - New Girl, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black and the rest - yup, not seen those either.

I've never bought anything from Starbucks, I know I'd hate a pumpkin spiced latte (mainly because I don't like coffee) and without going off at a tangent, I don't intend to ever start buying stuff from Starbucks.

Up to January this year, I'd never had anything from Lush (even now, I've still never bought anything from the shop, only had the freebies).

I don't follow Zoella, A Beautiful Mess, Sprinkle of Glitter or any of the other apparently top bloggers.

Raving about the changing of the seasons? Yeah, also not something I do (with the one exception of my Why I Love Autumn post last year which was mainly written with the intention of converting all you lovely people into ones who'd love to come and watch a Somerset Carnival).

I only own one small Yankee Candle. Two of them came into my life as part of my Bloggers Secret Santa last year; I used one and it was quite nice but didn't exactly tempt me into wanting to buy a gazillion more.

Now clearly the truth is there's no such thing as a "proper blogger" - we're all our own gloriously individual people and whatever we want to blog about is absolutely fine. I know the posts I enjoy reading the most are the ones that are unusual, the ones where someone hasn't followed the crowd or the ones where you can take a good old nosy at someone else's life.

So yup, moral of this story - err..there isn't one, just do whatever and if you enjoy it - fabulous!


  1. Haha i'm the same. I've never seen Mean Girls and have no intention, I also don't get the whole Disney love thing either. I don't tend to follow the big bloggers and I spending $20 on a candle is my idea of a waste of money. Give me a local coffee chain (for us that's Biggby Coffee) over Starbucks any day of the week.

  2. Who cares if you don't do or blog about the same stuff as the "proper bloggers" out there. I agree with your last paragraph 100%. Although I will say that you have to watch Mean Girls - its amazing!

  3. Ah, there's no such thing as a 'proper blogger', but I totally know what you mean!

    I've never got the whole Yankee Candle thing - I'll stick with my £3 ASDA one thank you very much.

    But you've watched The Good Wife - right?!
    Bits & Bobs

  4. Up until yesterday's mystery parcel I'd never owned a Yankee candle, but I have to admit it's one of the best scents I've ever smelt! I've actually put it in my car (unlit) to act as an air freshener. I probably fit into a lot of the blogger cliches- although I've never had a PSL either- but I've decided to embrace those shared traits as well as celebrating the uniqueness about the blogs I love :) xxx

  5. Yes, yes and yes!
    With two exceptions...I went to see Frozen on release day only because I go to see all Disney movies as the come out, however I'm not a fan and the hype is really grating on me now.
    And although I don't think I rave about the seasons, I have joined in with the excitement to a degree on Twitter! ha

    I'm not a 'proper blogger' because I don't live on drinking tea, have white furniture and use the word penchant in my about me! ;)


  6. I don't do any of these either except that I discovered and first went into Lush on Carnaby Street 13 years ago when I went to watch a Radio 4 show live with my friend Catherine and I haven't consequently loved them! x

  7. I am not a proper blogger...I dot about and write about all manner of things. Whatever takes my fancy really!

  8. Yes! Your blog is your own creative space to do as you please, not follow any rules. Good
    On you girl


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