Saturday 11 October 2014

Eggsellent Eggy Meals

(I know, I know, don't shout at me, it's a groaner of a title)

I was very kindly gifted a Severin Titanium Electronic Egg Boiler by British Lion Eggs in return for writing about how excellent eggs are. I'll only accept posts like this if it's something I actually believe in and yup, I do think eggs are pretty darn cool.

One of my memories from being a kid is my grandmother telling me all about her childhood home in the Wirral with a garden full of chickens during the Second World War - and lots and lots of eggs.
And when I was going through IVF treatment, it was a good idea to eat lots of protein and eating eggs was a good way of doing that (in addition to lots of chicken and heaps of cheese).

Eggs also make fab low calorie and cheap meals; how many calories in an egg varies according to it's size but it's usually only between 55 and 80 - not much at all really! One of my favourite quick and easy lunches when I was at uni years ago was just two eggs made into an omelette with a handful of cheese in the middle (I was quite a lazy student when it came to cooking), that lunch would only come to around 300 calories (although it did depend how big your 'handful' of cheese was...).

Severin Titanium Electronic Egg Boiler

The Electronic Egg Boiler is quite a nifty little gadget, it does eggs much quicker than chucking them in a pan with some water - we stuck 6 in there the other day and the beeper went off before we'd even prepared the rest of the breakfast! Plus it gets bonus points for being able to put it somewhere else in the kitchen and not clog up another ring on the cooker just doing the eggs - perfect for when you've got a complicated recipe.

Our favourite eggy breakfast at the moment is Bacon and Eggs Kedgeree-style from Tesco's Real Food website (I think it was in their magazine a few years ago). Dead easy to make, you just chuck bacon or pancetta into a pan with some onion and olive oil, butter or Fry Lite. Hard boil some eggs at the same time and stick a packet of microwavable long grain rice (surprisingly enough) in the microwave. Then once it's cooked, chuck the rice in with the bacon and onion, chop the eggs into quarters and serve up with the rice mixture at the bottom and the eggs on top. We've even added cheese to it occasionally which works rather well.

Bacon and Eggs Kedgeree-style

For an eggy lunch, I don't think you can beat a bit of homemade egg mayonnaise. Although having said that, the only bit that's homemade is the fact that I've mixed the egg and mayo together by hand; I'm not quite the sort of person who makes their own mayonnaise!
I'm also gonna assume you all know how to make egg mayonnaise sandwiches - you're all fairly clever and can probably work it out ;-) (although if you do need a recipe, here's one).

For dinner, the best ever recipe using hard-boiled eggs methinks is an amazing pie from a book called The Vicar's Wife Cookbook - Creamy Smoked Haddock Puff Pastry Pie. It has double cream, cheese and puff pastry - what more could you want?
I should really include a picture of the actual pie, handmade by yours truly however cooking on crutches is a bit of a non-starter. When I'm back on two feet, I'll do a proper post about the pie and include some shots of it's gooey inside (which I've just realised sounds a bit dodgy...).
In the meantime I'll leave you with some equally enticing fish pie recipes:
Mary Berry's Fish Pie
Three Fish Pie
Fish Pie with Soufflé Crouton Topping
Friday Night Fish Pie

What are your favourite egg-based recipes?
I was very kindly sent a Severin Titanium Electronic Egg Boiler by British Lion Eggs in return for writing about eggs and linking to the Egg Info website.
All words, opinions and photos are my own.


  1. I am a MASSIVE fan of eggs, I would eat them for every meal if I could!

    Maria xxx

  2. My favourite way to eat eggs is to scramble them on toast. Although my favourite eggs of all are Easter eggs! xxx


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