Thursday 16 October 2014

Knitting for My Extra Legs

One of the things on my '32 Before 32' list was to learn to knit. I remember my gran teaching me when I was about 11 or so but I wasn't very good and didn't get very far at all with it. I'd always intended to get some books from the library and watch some YouTube tutorials but never got round to doing it.
Wool and knitting needles
Obviously I didn't go and fracture my ankle with the intention of having the time to actually learn how to knit but it has worked out pretty convenient.
Balls of wool
After I'd got home from the hospital and had a few days rest I got Andrew's mum to loan me a pair of knitting needles and some wool, show me how me how to cast on and do some basic stitches. I'd been given a pair of crutches on the ward and I thought knitting some simple squares in different colours would be a good way to practice as well as jazzing up my extra legs.
First row cast on
I made quite a few mistakes (ending up with extra stitches, dropping stitches and putting the wool the wrong way round the needle, that sort of thing) but luckily as I was only playing, it didn't really matter.
First square knitted
I was incredibly slow to start but by the third or fourth square I was able to watch TV or have a conversation at the same time; still nowhere near as fast as the clichéd image of old ladies going clickety-clack but getting there slowly.
Five sqaures knitted
Once I'd knitted 10 squares I arranged them in a kind of pleasing colour pattern and sewed them on round my crutches.
Ten squares knitted

Sewing the sqaures onto the crutches
I don't think they look too bad and at least at the fracture clinic, I'll know which ones are mine!
Decorated crutches
What do you think?


  1. I'm so impressed with your knitting! I'm exactly the same, my Nan has been on at me for years trying to teach me to knit... I can sew but not knit! I find it so hard! xxx

  2. These are great! Your extra legs will be all toasty for the winter! :)

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  3. Brilliant!! I love knitting. Really must make the time to do it this winter x

  4. They look brilliant- so much cheerier than regular crutches! xxx

  5. Aww they look great! I really want to learn to knit, and both my mom and nan showed me when I was younger, but I am too distracted by sewing and dressmaking at the moment. The winter really makes me want to knit though!


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