Wednesday 1 October 2014

Here Is The News #13

Here is the News

Blogland Brilliance

Katie went on a spending spree in Hobbycraft with a gift card, picking up some fabulous items (and some chocolate of course).

Rosie's just come back from one of my favourite places, Iceland (the country, not the shop...) and has put together 5 things she discovered about the place.

Jen has handmade her very first dress...yep, that's an actual real life dress - and she looks pretty darn good in it too!

Annatha's about to go on maternity leave and put together a list of ideals and truths about the next few weeks - I have a feeling if I ever get to that stage, I'd be very much the same!

Pop over and wish Jen congratulations - she only went and won herself Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Volunteer of the Year!

Michelle's starting her very own Kindness Project, a truly lovely idea which we could all do with joining in with I'm sure.

And lastly, it was Rachael's birthday yesterday - I know she sometimes feels a bit left out what with being an ex-pat living over the pond so a big happy birthday to her (and if you pop over to her Twitter page, you can wish her a belated birthday yourself).

This week I've bought...

Two dresses from Asda (this one and this one) plus this polka dot top.

I think I bought it last week but it arrived on Monday - this gorgeous scarf (which I was inspired to buy after seeing Anna's post about it!)

A long woollen skirt from Oxfam's Online Store - obviously I can't get my charity shop fix for the next couple of months so I had a browse around the next best thing and found a gorgeous maxi length skirt which I can wear with my plaster cast (and then just put one knee-high long black sock on the other leg).

And as an 'early-birthday-present-to-myself-and-present-for-being-ill' - a six month subscription to the Lucky Dip Club!

Exciting Events

If you're in London at the weekend, all 51 Book Benches are going to be gathered together in Gordon Square Garden for one last time.

This weekend is also 'Fun Palace' weekend; a celebration of Joan Littlewood and Cedric Price's 1960s vision of a 'laboratory of fun' all across the country. There's going to be all sorts of pop-up science and arts events and you can search for what's on near you on the website map.

I'll be having Radio 2 on all day long next Monday for the Radio 2 Book Club Day - which I'm almost certain Jane will be listening along with!

One fab programme to watch as well is 'The Revolution Will Be Televised' which starts it's third series on Tuesday night on BBC3. It's very funny and scarily accurate, although how they get away with some of their sketches, I really don't know!

Feeling hungry?

For a tasty lunchtime snack, Sophie's made her own version of Gregg's Sausage, Bean and Cheese Melt

Then for afters, help yourself to a slice of Zoe's autumnal Blackberry and Apple Loaf Cake

And there's no way I'd ever be able to make anything as good as Angela's cakes, but her latest fishy (in looks, not flavour) offering looks pretty good!

Blogs I've followed this week...

Prompts by Dee

Filthy Paws and Silky Drawers

The History Lover's Guidebook

Lulu's Wonderland

Interesting Info

More funny than in any way life-enhancing but we've seen Seann Walsh a couple of times before (he's one of our favourite comedians) so this story doesn't really surprise me!

This week's Carnivals...

Take place in Gillingham, Dorset (a smallish one) and Ilminster, Somerset (a biggish one) - both on Saturday evening.

What's new with you?


  1. Yep, I'll be listening! Planning a blog post as well, if I can get it written in time!

  2. I blame Hobbycraft for keeping the creme eggs next to the tills :p I love the green dress and top you've bought - the top looks like an equally-lovely-but-much-much-cheaper Joules rip off!

    Poor Shaun Walsh (and his fans!) - what a shame!

    I've seen some wonderful LDP boxes on Instagram- I reckon you're in for a treat :) xxx

  3. Aww thank you (again) for the birthday wishes - means a lot! I love the red spotty dress you brought - that's really cute and you can never go wrong with red!

  4. Awww, you're too kind, Louisa! You could totally make a cake like that; it takes time more than anything, and I'm quite happy to muddle around with fondant for hours!!

  5. What an awesome collection of links and stuff, it's so nice to share the love for other bloggers like this.

  6. Glad you liked my post lovely! xx

  7. Such a lovely round-up of stuff - I've been clicking back and forth for quite a while! Hoping to go to Iceland early next year so Rosie's post has made me even more determined and Jen's dress is awesome!

  8. Aw thank you for the mention :D The lucky dip club looks really good, definitely a good cheer up present! And the blackberry and apple loaf.... yummm!! x

  9. Those carnivals sound so fun! Your blog is so interesting, thanks for sharing :) Just followed you on GFC, pinterest and bloglovin!

    Chowing Down by the Bay


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