Tuesday 8 October 2013

What's In My Freezer?

Does anyone else find that autumn ends up being "eat the freezer" season?
We seem to have a freezer jam-packed with tubs, cartons and packets, so much so that the other week when we spotted some reduced priced cakes in our local Tesco, we couldn't fit them in the freeezer and just had to eat them all instead (what a shame...).
I've seen lots of "What's In My Bag?/What's In My Purse?" type posts so I wondered if anyone would be interested in a twist on a theme - a "What's In My Freezer?" post. Feel free to tell me that no, that's deadly boring!
Anyway, my freezer is actually two freezers - one fridge freezer bought when we moved into our first house and one small freezer we inherited from Andrew's nan when she moved to a nursing home. Having two freezers is both good and bad, it's great for cheap offers and multipacks but not so good for actually remembering what you've got. Cue finding boxes of last year's blackberries, unidentifiable mince and small tubs of who-knows-how-many egg whites.
At the weekend I decided to do a big stock take - and umm...yep...we do seem to have enough food to cope with a nuclear war or mass epidemic.
So...deep breath, I hold my hand up and say "my name's Louisa and I'm a frozen food hoarder".
My freezers currently contain...
Frezer Contents

Meat/Fish: chicken breasts, 9 tubs of sausages (with 4 in each tub, a total of, umm, 36 bangers), 6 pork steaks, smoked haddock, bacon slices, 4 tubs of pork (or possibly beef) mince, beef burgers, turkey burgers, 2 chicken and gravy pies and 2 packets of pancetta.
Vegetables: leaf spinach, brussels sprouts (leftover from Christmas), chargrilled peppers, mediterranean vegetables, green beans, spring greens, chopped leek and sweetcorn.
Fruit/Desserts/Cake: 6 tubs of strawberries, 3 tubs of blackberries, cranberries, mango pieces, raspberries, bag of mixed fruit, 2 mini coca cola ice lollies, banana cake, 3 tubs of double cream and one large tub of extra thick double cream.
Bread/Pastry: puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, bake at home ciabatta, square wraps, tortilla wraps, pitta bread, bagels, one quarter of a garlic baguette, tub of breadcrumbs and 2 tubs of mini sausage rolls.
Everything Else: black pudding slices (are they classed as meat?), Quorn mince, Quorn chicken pieces, 2 tubs of homemade roasted beef and tomato soup, an un-named number of egg whites,
a thermometer and a glow stick (if you put them in the freezer, it reactivates the chemicals).
Freezer Contents
That's not a lot, surely!?
I feel like a could host a dinner party for lots of people - anyone fancy popping round?


  1. Good grief! You could feed an army with that lot! My freezer is far less exciting--I need to get it stocked up again, really.

    1. I didn't really realise how much we had til we pulled it all out! It does look rather embarrassing... :-) x

    2. I'm thinking that a "What's in my larder?" post might be a good idea. (And also a great way of tidying it out, too... I have three jars of ground coriander!)

    3. Yeah, do it! I'd definitely be interested (I'm a nosy person) and I'm sure lots of other people would be as well :-) x

  2. I'm such a nosey parker - I loved this! Our freezer is chocca with so many kinds of bread - we never get through a loaf/packet of something good 'n' carby fast enough. xx

    1. Ahh glad you liked it! I thought it was something a bit different ;-)
      Bread is always good for the freezer, we pick up lots of reduced things at the end of the day in our local Tesco and then freeze it all :-) xx

  3. Oh my, that's a lot! Our freezer is far less interesting as I didn't close it properly a few weeks ago and everything melted down... Mum was not happy, oops. It was a good clear-out though, we got rid of everything that had been in there for WAY too long.

    But I'm liking the twist! Probably just because I'm nosy, ha.

    1. Ooh not good! But as you say, it's an excellent (if unplanned) way of clearing the freezer out! :-) x

  4. Wow - that's an impressive amount! We only have a fairly small freezer so can't fit all that much in, which is both good and bad! I keep meaning to make more food in bulk and freeze in portions for when I can't be bothered to cook, but I never quite manage it!

    1. That's what I always plan to do and never get round to it!
      Although on the odd occassion that I do make a lasagne/cottage pie to divide and put in the freezer, you feel ever so chuffed with yourself! :-) x


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