Tuesday 26 November 2013

Day 26 - Home Sweet Home

Day 26 of Rosalilium's blog every day in November challenge
Home Sweet Home
(Share a tour of your home? Or maybe you have some decorating and DIY plans? What is your favourite room? How do you make a home feel homey?)

We're almost at the end of redecorating one of the bedrooms in our house at the moment. The majority of the messy work has been done - demolishing, rebuilding, sanding, plastering, wallpapering and fitting skirting boards and coving. We're just left now with painting the walls, finding some carpet, cleaning the room and then furnishing and putting it back together.

We've gone for a blue, green and cream theme and the plan is that one day (maybe) it might just become a nursery so we're going to store some books and children's toys in there on bookshelves and chests.

We had hoped to get the room completely finished by the time today's #BEDN's Home Sweet Home prompt rolled around and then I could have done a really good post about the refurb from start to finish. Instead you're going to get a half a story and then I'll do a proper room tour when it's all looking lovely.
(I *might* even venture into a bit of vlogging...).

Apologies for the terrible light in the pics though - the wallpaper looks yellow in places and it really isn't!

Boiler Cupboard Demolition
The old boiler cupboard being demolished, replastered and then wallpapered nicely.

New boiler cupboard
New boiler cupboard!

First bit of wallpaper going up...

Underneath the birdie wallpaper we've written our names and dates on the wall for future generations to ponder over :-)
The textured wallpaper we've chosen for the rest of the room - we've nicknamed it the Rapunzel Room!

The chinmey breast before and after - from dull purple to colorful feathered friends!


  1. Lovely idea to leave a little note under the wallpaper!

    1. Both mine and Andrew's parents always used to write on the walls - my mum and dad used to measure our height every time they redecorated. We'll have to write on it again next time we redecorate! :-) x

  2. I love the idea of the wallpaper note too :) I wrote under the wallpaper when me moved house as a child; can't remember what I wrote now, but it probably should've been "good luck getting off all this woodchip!" xxx

    1. Haha! That would definitely be a fab note for someone to find! :-) xxx


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