Saturday 9 November 2013

Day 9 - Blog Chat

Day 9 of Rosalilium's blog every day in November challenge
Blog Chat
(Talk about blogging. What do you love about it? What drives you mad about it? Do you have any brilliant blogging tips you can share with your readers? Any lessons learned? Any resources?)

Blogging...hmmm...well...I am a blogger, I have a blog (it sounds very strange saying that!)
I've only been blogging since March so I feel a bit of a fraud when it comes to offering advice or tips - there are so many wonderful bloggers out there who can offer so much more than I can.
I will attempt to answer Rosalilium's questions the best I can though!

Google Calendar

What do I love about blogging?
The fact that I can share all the lovely little things I've seen or done in my life.
The fact that I can look back in 5, 10, 20 years and remember all the good times.
The boost of self-confidence it gives you when people comment and/or follow.
The motivation it gives you to get out there and do things.
All of you lot! Yes, you there, reading this!
I love the community blogging creates and all the lovely friends I've talked to and/or met through it.

What drives you mad about it?
Not having enough days in the week to post all the things I've been doing.
#lbloggers chat being on a Sunday evening at 7pm, usually when I'm not free.
Blogger when it plays up and doesn't save my posts properly.
The Blogger app - so clumsy and clunky to use!

Do you have any brilliant blogging tips you can share with your readers?
Google Calendar! Fab for planning when and what you're going to post (and also for organising your life).
Join in with the Twitter chats to find lovely new blogs to follow and people to chat to. Bonjour Blogger have a list of what's on and when.
Don't worry if you've planned something and then don't feel like posting - it's only a blog and the world won't end!

Any lessons learned?
Needing to be really organised, espeically at this time of year when most photographs have to be taken at the weekend.
It's okay to not be the best writer or photographer in the world - there'll always be someone better (and worse) than you - your voice is equally valid and all you can do is try your best.

Any resources?
Google Calendar!
Bonjour Blogger for great blog tips.
Becky Bedbug's blog advice
Rosalilium's Blog Chat series

What do you love (or hate) about blogging?


  1. I've just started using Google Calender! I need every bit of help in getting organised haha

    1. I love it! It's so easy to use, me and the other half colour code everything as well - it probably makes us seem really sad but it works! :-) x

  2. There is a blogger app?! Show's how up with tech I am hehe x

    1. There is, but I wouldn't recommend it; it just seems so awkward to use (or maybe it's just me!). If you try it, let me know how you get on! :-) x

  3. My BIG issue (which isn't really that big in world issues but) ... searching for lifestyle blog links having to trawl through all the beauty links that end up there, also in the #lbloggers chats I end up with so many beauty blog links (the one kind of blog I never read). I know we all like to network, but sometimes it gets a bit too much.

    I also have some issues when people apologise for having "text/photo heavy" posts - i'm like stick as many darn photographs up as you like. We need to stop apologising for how we want our blog to be. Oh and I read a sponsored post a couple of weeks ago about making sure to have a degree in photography to take great blog photographs ... ahhh, and general talk about having to have an expensive camera to be able to take good photographs annoys the life out of me.

    My word - I have some hidden blog issues don't I?! Haha ...

    1. I do feel bad whenever I get beauty blog links sent to me after chats. I never have a decent comment to leave them as I just don't do beauty.

    2. Rachael - Haha, don't we all! I know what you mean about beauty links, I get so many of them as well and always feel obliged to leave a comment, but never know what to write. I usually end up saying something banal like "nice colour nail polish!"
      I must admit, back when I started I was probably guilty of apologising for photo heavy posts - nowdays I'm starting to relax a bit and think "well, it's my blog, I'll put up as many or as little photos as I want"
      (I do still sometimes think though that I must be boring everyone at this time of year with all my Carnival talk...) :-) x

    3. Angela - I just don't understand why beauty bloggers take part in the #lbloggers chat!? If it's a lifestyle and beauty blog, then fair enough - but if it's just a beauty blog then why not use their own #bbloggers chat? That probably does sound really selfish though... :-) x

  4. I'm going to try and start using google calendar - really need to be more organised with blogging!

    1. Go for it! It's definitely addictive, before you know it you'll have a lovely multicoloured diary :-) x

  5. Great post! I love blogging for getting to know people and for allowing me to do something creative with my spare time. I don't like the self promotion and link spamming that goes along with blogging, yawn!

    1. I think getting to know people and being a little bit nosy is one of the best bits about blogging, plus the creativity and motivation it allows :-) x

  6. I like all the supportive and kindness that blogging breeds. Only occasionally do I read any negativity from one blogger to another! And it's fun nosying into people's life and discovering people like ourselves!x

    1. I agree, it's definitely an activity for nosy people! :-) x

  7. I love the community, and that I can write about anything I like on my blog and someone out there in the wider Internet might find it interesting, too. It's also nice to have a diary of sorts after years of trying to start one every new year :)

    1. Haha, I did the same, had a diary each year and as the months went on the entries became smaller and smaller and then by the end of the summer I'd pretty much given up!

      Having a blog is great fun though; I agree, it's wonderful to think that other people might find your hobbies interesting and lovely comments from people like yourself make it even easier to find the motivation to keep on blogging :-) x


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