Monday 25 November 2013

Day 25 - Til Xmas

Day 25 of Rosalilium's blog every day in November challenge
Til Xmas
(Only 1 month until Christmas. Favourite Christmas traditions? Or favourite Christmas presents? Favourite Christmas songs? The best bit of Christmas is? What are you planning this year?)

I mentioned in my post on Day 14 all about where I work that we're kind of a bit obsessed with Christmas in our office. Well, I say "we", but really my friend M is a complete Christmas-a-holic, my boss acts like Scrooge to wind her up (but secretly loves it all) and everyone else enjoys playing along with all the festivites.

In my role as Official Office Cake Baker, it also seems to encompass arranging the Official Office Christmas Fun and Games.

Bath Christmas Lights
So we have (drum roll please)...

Secret Santa
My friend M has organised the Secret Santa with Santa arriving early on the 9th December to empty his sack. It always ends up not being much of a secret though - as fast as the names are being picked out of the hat, me and M have a spreadsheet set up to deduce who everyone has by the big day.
We're not doing too well this year though, there's 13 participants and we've only worked out 5!

The Grand Office Christmas Quiz
After the Secret Santa we all decided we'd have an office quiz so I've donned the role of quizmaster and put together a general knowledge quiz with 100 questions. It's going to be a team effort and I've made sure there's at least one question for everyone's specialist subject (including obscure things such as 'the cities of Eastern European countries'). There'll be a big prize for the winning team, a wooden spoon prize for the losing team and a booby prize for the team with the silliest answer.

Charity Christmas Jumper Day
This year we're taking part in Save the Children's Charity Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 13th December (also my birthday!). It's the last day of teaching for our students so everyone will be in a merry mood; we're all going to wear silly Christmas outfits and try and flog some festive cakes to the kiddiwinks before they all go home.

Festive Pass The Parcel
My friend M's idea; we have one week where the students have left but we're still at work so we're going to fill one morning with Pass the Parcel. There'll be 37 layers to unwrap (all with sweets) - 12 jokes, 12 fun facts, 12 forfeits and 1 final big prize. All the layers and notes will be Christmas themed (and not, as one lecturer asked us - "will that be naughty pass the parcel?")

Christmas Coin Hunt
Again, my friend M's idea; I'm going to hide all sorts of chocolate goodies around the office one evening, then email everyone and the next morning, watch the riot erupt!
We had an Easter Egg Hunt earlier this year and apparently at 8.30am in the morning when people started to arrive at work, it was mayhem with a couple of staff running round screaming "I found one, I found one!"
I don't think anyone did any work that morning!
The Christmas Coin Hunt may well end up the same way...

How do you celebrate Christmas in your workplace?


  1. We did an Easter hunt once at my admin job. It was SO exciting!!! We were total children! X

    1. Haha, that was exactly what it was like back at Easter - I'm fully expecting it to be like that again in a couple of weeks! :-) x

  2. Sounds fun - I sorta miss working with other people for Christmas fun & Christmas parties! :)

    1. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures and blog about it to share the fun :-) x


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