Friday 8 November 2013

Day 8 - Day In The Life

Day 8 of Rosalilium's blog every day in November challenge
Day In The Life
(We want to know what a day in your life is like. Take a photo on the hour every hour. Or write a description of your day. Or maybe make a video of your day?)

This is a bit of a cop-out post as a couple of months ago the lovely Janey from Is That You Darling organised a Photo An Hour challenge and coincidentially, she's organised another one for tomorrow!

Photo an Hour Challenge
So my Day In The Life post will be Saturday 9th November 2013 - a day of tidying, painting, blogging and watching and photographing North Petherton Carnival in Somerset - pretty much a typical day in November for me.

I'll be instagramming all the pictures all day long, on the hour every hour - and I'll pop up my summary on Sunday!


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