Monday 12 August 2013

This Weekend at the Duckpond

We have mostly been...

Travelling - home from Edinburgh after a fab five days at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Three train journeys later, we arrived home about 11.30pm.
Virgin Trains and Cross Country - great seats, clean carriage and lovely journey.
Northern Rail - not so good; grotty seats, a broken and blocked toilet (and the poor little lad in the seat opposite was desperate!) and a carriage that smelt of an old damp dishcloth.
But hey ho, they all arrived on time and we got home safely, that's all that matters.

Virgin Trains at Edinburgh Waverley station

Edinburgh castle rock
The view of Edinburgh Castle Rock from the train carriage

Scottish borders
A view from the train carriage - somewhere in the Scottish borders!

Watching - Mrs Moneypenny from Superscrimpers
The last show we saw at the Fringe was 'Mrs Moneypenny's Money Clinic Live' Saturday lunchtime.
She was very good, funny and had great audience interaction - this picture was taken when she got three members of the audience to do a timed challenge involving bird seed and plastic bottles!

Mrs Moneypenny money clinic live

Unpacking - From our week at Edinburgh. Unfortunately that means lots of washing to do!

Car Booting -  We popped over to a local car boot (Marksbury near Bath) on Sunday.
It's a great car boot sale as it's for lazy people and starts at 2pm!
We didn't get that much though, despite there being lots of stalls we only bought 2 tops for me (50p each), a small tablecoth (30p) and some quite boring large floor tiles for our bathroom (£1 for 16 tiles).

car boot sale

What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. just a bit jealous you got to go to the fringe! I'd love to go to scotland.

    I've never heard of that car boot, I'll have to check it out!


    1. I've got lots (probably too many!) pictures to put online in the next few days - people will probably be sick of me talking about the Fringe!

      And the car boot sale is fab, it's at Beech Tree Farm, Marksbury, BA2 9HQ (just off the A39 into Bath). It's only medium sized but had a good range of things to buy and all at reasonable prices. They also had a cute little tea and cake caravan with cakes for £1 - we didn't get a cake this time but we'll definately be back! x


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