Tuesday 6 August 2013

Fair by Day, Fair by Night

Last weekend was spent taking care of a friends 1948 Scammell Showtrac lorry at Carters Steam Fair in Bath's Victoria Park. A visit to Carters is always a fantastic day out, they travel mostly across the South of England but if they're in your area and you get a chance, it's well worth a trip.
I've written about the fair before (back in May when they set up at Pinkneys Green near Maidenhead) and did put a few pictures on Instagram over the weekend - you'll probably get bored of me featuring them at some point!
Anyway, here's a few snapshots from the day...
Carters Steam Fair Steam Yachts

Gallopers at Carters Steam Fair

 Aerial view of Carters Steam Fair

Arcade machine
Chair-o-planes at Carters Steam Fair
Arcade machine
Carters Steam Fair as seen from a Scammell cab

Horse from a set of Gallopers
Chair-o-planes and Scammell at Carters Steam Fair
  Swingboats at Carters Steam Fair

Reflection of Carters Steam Fair
Carters Steam Fair advertising hoarding
And few snapshots from the evening...
After the crowds have gone, after the lights have dimmed, after the music has stopped, the dismantling begins...
Carters Steam Fair at night
Swingboats dismantling

 Carters Steam Fair at night

Chair-o-planes at night
Wall of Death dismantling

Gallopers dismantling



  1. How wonderful :) I love old fashioned funfairs- they're so colourful and nostalgic. xx

    1. Snap! The colours and designs are some of the things we love about the fairground as well. I've already put together a post about the art of the fairground - should be online Friday :-) xx


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