Tuesday 20 August 2013

10 Reasons Why Paloma Faith is Well Cool

1. That voice - amazing
2. She actually looks like a healthy normal sized woman and not some emaciated skeletal pop princess
Paloma Faith
3. In a whole 90 minute show, there was absolutely no swearing just for the sake of it
(the only times were when she was using it as an example)
4. Her band were dressed in really cool retro 1950/60's suits with bootlace ties
5. One guitarist played like a 1950's star with his guitar on his waist instead of down near his ankles
Paloma Faith
6. Her outfits, her hats, her hair, her style, her confidence!
7. Happy to play small venues - Bath Pavillion only held about 400 people
8. She really looked like she was genuinely having a great time and enjoying the evening
Paloma Faith
9. On 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' she's Noel Fielding's soulmate - and who wouldn't love that pair?
10. Oh, and did I mention her amazing voice?
(The photos are pretty crap, I know - the best I could do with a smartphone in a dark humid venue)



  1. I can never quite decide how I feel about Paloma Faith, but I think I come down on the side of love. If nothing else, I love her voice and her music. I'd love to see her live!

    1. She put on a great performance and even did a few songs acoustic. It really showed off her voice and was amazing to listen to!
      She's well worth seeing perform live if you get a chance. :-) x


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