Friday 30 August 2013

Infant School Memories

One image which sums up infant school for me...
 Red Clarks school shoes
Source: Wikipedia

I used to love shoes like these!

I think this particular style was discontinued in the late 1970's but I remember wearing shoes in a similar style when I started school in the mid 1980's.

We always used to go to the K Shoes Factory Shop in Kendal during the summer (on our way up to Scotland for a holiday) and I used to trawl the shelves looking for the perfect pair of little red t-bar shoes to wear to school in September.
I still love T-bar shoes now and even wore a pair on my wedding day.

Anyone know where you can get shoes like these in adult sizes?



  1. I had shoes like those, too, and tall K boots for the winter so that I could trek through the snow and stay warm.

    I am sure I saw shoes like this in Evans fairly recently, but I'm a handbag girl so don't pay that much attention to shoes!

    1. Ooh thanks, I'll have a look in Evans next time I'm passing one! :-) x

  2. Oooh I found these -,30/1214002740
    Are they right?! x

    1. They are pretty similar and very nice too! I have a birthday just before Christmas, I'll have to leave the webpage open for the other half to discover... :-) Thank you x


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