Thursday 22 August 2013

And the Gromiting Continues...

Only 2 weeks left of Bristol's wonderful Gromit Unleashed trail, we've done 64 so far with 16 still to do - although I think we're only going to get 79 as one Gromit is at London Paddington station and so far, I haven't been able to invent a reason to have a day trip to London (what, you mean just going to see Gromit isn't good enough?).

If you want to head over to Bristol and take part, please please download the 69p Gromit Unleashed app to help you find them all. The aim of the scheme is to raise money for Wallace and Gromits Grand Appeal for Bristol Children's Hospital and a fair proportion of the 69p will go towards the charity. I helped raise money for the original appeal to build the new hospital back in the late 1990's and the brilliant doctors and nurses there helped my brother when he was ill with a severe stricture in his food pipe.

Anyway, back to the fun part - more Gromits!
Gromit Unleashed heads
A Grand Day Out - Gromit-O-Matic - Astro Dog
Creature Comforts - Blazing Saddles - Grrrromit
Bunty - Grant's Gromit - Gromberry

Gromit Unleashed heads
'Stats The Way To Do It, Lad! - Watch Out Gromit! - Steam Dog
Two 'Eds Are Better Than One - Zodiac - The Grommalo
What A Wind Up! - The Wild West - Why Dog, Why?

Gromit Unleashed heads
Hound Dog - Roger - National Treasure
Lodekka - Isambark Kingdog Brunel - Nezahualcoyotl
Hullaballoon - Paisley - May Contain Nuts and Bolts
And some of our favourites...
Creature Comforts Gromit
Creature Comforts - he's a lovely Gromit covered in woodland creatures and is positioned at Riverside Garden Centre. We stopped off there during a day's Gromit hunt and had a tasty Victoria Sponge cake and pot of tea.

National Treasure Gromit
National Treasure - designed by The Royal Mint and covered in penny coins (wonder how much he's worth?). I love the idea of it but where he was positioned in the M Shed museum was rather dull and didn't really make the most of his design.
Paisley Gromit
Paisley - found outside the Brewery Theatre in Bedminster, I just think he's fab because he's so colourful!

What A Wind Up Gromit
What A Wind Up Gromit
What A Wind Up! - a DIY themed Gromit, I think his tail is great although I'm not sure Gromit would actually appreciate it being wound up!

Watch Out Gromit
Watch Out Gromit! - I think the warning's come a little too late to save this Gromit...

May Contain Nuts and Bolts Gromit
May Contain Nuts and Bolts - he's found next to the ticket barrier at Bristol Temple Meads train station and we had quite a bit of time to spare before our train to Edinburgh last week. Having studied him in great depth he actually contains no bolts at all and only billions of nuts!

Isambark Kingdog Brunel Gromit
Isambark Kingdog Brunel - another train station dog, this time outside the main entrance. I think Isambark is my favourite Gromit so far, I love his name, the way he's dressed just like Brunel and his excellent design on his behind.

Gromit-O-Matic - he's designed just like a technical plan; his ears are Mufflers, his nose a Sniffler, his back paw is a Scratcher and his tail is a Wagometer!

Bunty Gromit
Bunty - a Gromit covered in bunting! (surely every crafter/bloggers dream?)
Positioned really nicely in front of St Mary Redcliffe Cathedral as well.

Grant's Gromit
Grant's Gromit - not really sure about the name, but zebra print Gromit was at Ashton Court Estate overlooking the city. I think he must be the Gromit with the best view!
Gromberry Gromit
Gromberrry - this Gromit is really clever, the design is so cool it looks 3D but when you get up close it's all flat. Plus it's a giant Gromit strawberry - what's not to love?
More Gromits on their way soon - once I've found the last few!


  1. My favourites are Gromit-O-Matic and Gromberry, the first is just really smart and the second is just so incredibly cute!

    It really reminds me of back in 2010 in London, basically the same but with looking for elephants. I had a one-week-trip with friends to London and we didn't even know about the 'parade' and just kept finding elephants everywhere, very funny! We only found out later we only found a few, too bad.

    1. Ooh, I heard about the elephant parade but never got round to going to London to see any of them! Elephants are cool as well :-) x

  2. I believe theres a type of Zebra called Grants Zebra - hence Grants Gromit. He does look like he's got a fantastic view though. I wish we'd had more time to properly go to town on these :)

    1. Ahh, that would make sense! He had a lovely design and his view is brilliant :-) x

  3. I'm so jealous of the Gromits - I really want to go on a Gromit hunt! I think things like this are so clever, they get people engaged and so excited about the project - in this case a great charity by the sounds of things! :)

    1. It seems to have got thousands of people involved - one local newspaper even called it "The Summer of the Gromits". There's even been a few times where I've had to queue up to get a picture!

      They're all being auctioned off in the Autumn so I hope they raise lots and lots of money from that as well - any extra money for the Bristol Children's Hospital is only a good thing. :-) x

  4. Fear not, Duck! I just got an email from Gromit Unleashed which says Classic Gromit (aka London Paddington) Gromit will be on display at the Gromit Unleashed HQ between the 12th and 16th of September!

    We're up to 67 Gromits and I'm contemplating getting all our photos put into a photobook to celebrate our summer holiday. We've had so much fun roaming across Bristol to find them.

    1. Ahh, brilliant! I had heard a rumour that he might be coming over from London but didn't know if it was true or not - i'll definately be popping in to meet Classic Gromit then!

      I love the idea of making a photobook of them, it would be really colourful and such a great way to remember the summer gromiting! :-) x

  5. Amazing! I've only found a couple so far on my travels. The paisley one is right by my house and makes me smile whenever I walk past :)

    Lovely photos!

    1. The Paisley one is one of my faves, he's so colourful! Lucky you, living next door to a Gromit! :-) x

  6. Theses are fantastic! I love the Gromberry :-)

    1. Aww, thank you! Gromberry is one of my faves, he almost looks good enough to eat! x


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