Monday 26 August 2013

A Steam Powered Picnic

At the Mid Somerset Show, the best thing ever is our picnic of steam engine-cooked baked potatoes and baked beans. I usually make a cake or two and with a couple of flasks of tea, you've got yourself an excellent picnic in the sun.
Here's how to do it...
1. Find a friendly steam engine owner and ask if you can cook some potatoes in his engine
(payment in the form of a potato-based lunch and several slices of cake is usually required)
2. Pierce your potatoes and wrap tightly in foil
3. Place in the front of the smokebox
Baked potatoes in a steam engine
Believe it or not, these potatoes were sat on top of a venison steak!
4. Come back in 30-45 minutes (if the engine is actually doing some work, eg. wood sawing, powering a fairground ride, etc, etc) or around 2 hours (if the engine is just idly running to entertain the crowds)
5. Pierce your tins of baked beans (but don't open completely) and place in the front of the smokebox for the last 20 minutes
6. When they've had their time, hoick out of the smokebox with a shovel
Taking baked potatoes out of a steam engine
6. Acknowledge the fact you'll get absolutely covered in black soot
7. Try not to burn yourself opening the foil
8. Add your toppings and enjoy!
Baked Potato Picnic

Baked Potato and Baked Beans
9. (p.s. Always finish off the picnic with cake!)
Cherry Cake and Neapolitan Cake

Neapolitan cake
I appreciate this is quite a niche picnic idea!
But if by any chance, you do ever find yourself with a few potatoes and a spare steam engine, 
you'll know what to do! :-)


  1. Haha that looks amazing and loving the old steam engine too that's so fun!

  2. That looks like the best picnic ever. And now I'm craving a Jacket Potatoe. Great post Louisa!

    1. Thanks! Jacket potatoes are always tasty, you can't go wrong with them! :-) x

  3. Looks delicious!


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