Sunday 11 August 2013

Pretty Nostalgic - A Brilliantly British Magazine

This post is long overdue as it's something I signed up for back in June at Glastonbury Festival.
I also know I'm way behind everyone else to catch on with just how great this magazine is as lots of other bloggers have already sung it's praises, but I'll just add my own and say it again - how great is this magazine?
Pretty Nostalgic magazine Issue 8
Pretty Nostalgic aims to celebrate the best of Britain with all sorts of features, reviews and articles - the latest copy includes some of my favourite things such as seaside piers, swimming, vintage caravans and a colourful swimwear fashion shoot at Tooting Bec Lido. It's an independently run magazine which makes it feel much more intimate, like it's written specially for your eyes only.
When it drops through your letterbox, the address label is even hand-written!
Pretty Nostalgic issue 7
The magazine has already been going for a year and although I've followed them on Twitter for a while and have seen lots of reviews on other bloggers' sites, I've only ever bought one of their magazines. I think it's got something to do with the fact that if you buy from somewhere like WH Smiths, then each edition is £8, and even though I know it's well worth the money, it still feels like a lot for a magazine.
But...if you buy a yearly subscription online you can get 25% off the price and at Glastonbury Festival if you signed up there and then, they also threw in a free gift of their latest book - Pretty Nostalgic Home (worth £25!).
If you fancy the book, Pretty Nostalgic are running an offer for the whole of August - £15 and free delivery included in the price - you can get it from their site here.
Pretty Nostalgic Home book
So obviously that was what I did - and I'm happy to report that the magazine is every bit worth the price!
The book is also filled with beautiful photos, handy tips and inspirational images...
Pretty Nostalgic home book
Pretty Nostalgic home book
Pretty Nostalgic home book
If only my home looked a little bit like the houses in the book, I'd be one very happy duck!


  1. Thanks for sending me your link over at #bloggers chat, Louisa!

    I have never heard of Pretty Nostalgic before, and I can't believe I've missed a magazine this gorgeous! I hopped over to their twitter and saw that they sell via WHS, so I shall pop in there sometime and treat myself to a copy. You're not the last to discover this magazine...not by a long shot!


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