Wednesday 17 July 2013

A Paddle in the Sea at West Bay

Just like millions of other people, I love the seaside - the sand, the sea, the atmosphere, the architecture, the colours, fish and chips, ice cream, punch and judy and lots more besides.
Retro Ice Cream Stall Sign

So when we had a few hours free last weekend, I twisted Andrew's arm until he'd agreed to go to the beach.
West Bay on the Dorset coastline is the closest place on the south coast to where we live, although it still takes the best part of two hours to drive there.
West Bay Beach, Dorset
Now Andrew's not the sort of person who likes paying to park anywhere (often parking a mile or so out of a town to avoid a charge) but West Bay was just one of those places where there's hardly any on-street or back street parking and we'd already come to the conclusion we'd just have to pay.
When we pulled up in the main car park though, a lovely lady offered us the remainder of her car park ticket, free of charge - so thank you very very much kind-unknown-lady-in-a-BMW!
Feet Paddling in the Sea

Fishing Boat in Need of Restoration
White Church and Church Bell
 Strawberry Split Ice Cream at the Beach
We had a great time paddling in the sea, wandering around the harbour, eating our picnic and finishing off with a couple of fairly cheap ice creams.
Top tip - cheapest ice creams we found were at a little shelter on the Esplanade with an elderly couple serving who've probably been running it since the 1960's!
Pink Flowers and Tea Rooms
West Bay Harbour, Dorset
Have you been to West Bay? And if so, do you know anywhere free to park? :-)


  1. It looks v pretty! I grew up by the beach and really miss it!

    1. Thank you! It's only a small place but it's really nice for a lazy Sunday afternoon :-)

      Growing up by the beach sounds amazing! I spent the first couple of years as a baby living by the beach (in Scotland) but the rest of my 28 years have been spent inland. :-( x


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