Wednesday 3 July 2013

The Midweek Hop - Messing About in Sheds

A weekly musical feature inspired by Desmond Carrington's 'The Music Goes Round'
'Wurlitzer 1500' 1952 Jukebox
'Wurlitzer 1500' 1952 Jukebox

This weeks theme is...Messing About in Sheds
Inspired by National Shed Week
1. If I Had a Hammer by Peter, Paul and Mary

Possibly the most essential item in a shed!
'If I Had a Hammer' entered the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1962 reaching Number 10

2. This Ole House by Rosemary Clooney

 They say an Englishman's home is his castle, but in a shed he's King!
'This Ole House' entered the chart on 8th October 1954 reaching Number 1

3. In My Room by The Beach Boys

For many chaps out there, the shed is most definately 'their room'.
'In My Room' was the B-side to 'Be True to Your School' which entered the US Billboard Hot 100 chart on 28th October 1963 reaching Number 23

Happy listening!

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