Tuesday 23 July 2013

Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea...

So...another long hot weekend in the UK, another sunny day trip to the beach.
Punch and Judy on the beach
This weekend we went to Weymouth, one of my favourite seaside places and probably my favourite place to swim in the sea. The bay is so shallow for such a long way out that the sea gets warm quite quickly - no need to shiver and "phawr, phwar, phawr" your way into the waves.
Melting ice cream
I'd only been holding the ice cream for about 30 seconds and already it was melting!
We aimed to get there late afternoon when a lot of the crowd had begun to go home, had a quick look round the shops (3 charity shops open! and on a Sunday!), strolled along the prom, prom, prom and then hopped into the sea.
Pedalos for hire in Weymouth

Girl in orange dress on beach
I got throughly into the swing of seaside style with my gorgeous orange 'she sells sea shells' dress!
Andrew and me are complete opposites when it comes to having a dip in the sea -  he likes rough seas and breaking waves, whereas I like a calm bay and lazily swimming for ages staring at the sky. Weymouth bay on Sunday managed to keep us both happy with choppy waters to jump over and large gaps to swim into all the while in a nicely warmed swell.
Mariners Society collection bomb

Ice cream stall and signs
Afterwards we lazed on the beach, Andrew asleep and me reading the latest copy of 'Style at Home' magazine before going for a walk around the harbour and eyeing up all the million pound yachts and sailing boats.
Yachts and sailing boats

Fish shop in Weymouth

Flowers at the Harbourside in Weymouth

Houses in Weymouth

Baptist Chapel in Weymouth
We then finished the evening with haddock and chips and a really retro knickerbocker glory -
complete with cherry on top!
Knickerbocker Glory
What type of sea do you prefer? Choppy waters or calm waves?


  1. What a lovely looking adventure; it appears to have the perfect ratio of ice-cream to everything else :p xx

    1. Haha! Yes, by the time we'd had our knickerbocker glory we had eaten rather a lot of ice cream! :-) xx

  2. Phwoar, what ice-cream! And another beautiful dress. If you're wondering why I am lurking around in your archives- I noticed, you had a label called 'outdoor swimming' and got excited and clicked! I LOVE outdoor swimming!x


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