Tuesday 30 July 2013

We All Scream For Ice Cream

I didn't know this but across the pond over in the US, apparently July was National Ice Cream Month.

Although it might not be celebrated over here, the hot and sunny days we had for most of the month were certainly the perfect ice cream and ice lolly weather.
My favourite ice cream when I was younger was Zoom lollies, made by (I think) Lyons Maid. They were the rocket shaped ones with three different flavours; I know lots of shops and other companies have tried doing their own versions but they never quite taste the same.

Source: Marke's Ices

I quite liked Nobbly Bobbly's and Solero's too but you can still get them in the shops today so they don't quite have the same rose-tinted nostalgia as Zoom lollies do.
My top tip for ice cream nowdays is find a Poundland shop - they usually have an ice cream freezer and obviously, everything's £1. You have to pick and choose carefully though as some of the things you can get cheaper in a newsagent but more often that not, they have Magnum's for sale, selling at a good 50p-£1 less than ice cream vans and other corner shops. Bargain!
Anyway, Lakeland have got some really cool ice cream inspired picnic items at the moment. The 'Walls' range includes cool bags, mugs, plates, flasks, glasses, plates and my favourite - the tin tray,  all decorated with some of the UK's best loved ice cream and ice lollies.

Lakeland Walls items

Lakeland Walls range picnic
Have you spotted the Funny Feet as zippers? :-)

All items are available online at Lakeland's website or possibly in store around the country, although get them while you can as I think Lakeland's stocks are running low!
What was your favourite ice cream as a child?

PS. This isn't a sponsored post - I just really like Lakeland's stuff (and also wish Zoom lollies were still around!)

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